Adam Smith Didn’t Foresee the Fungal Growth of Corporatism

Corporations weren’t foreseen or existing when Adam Smith wrote ‘The Wealth of Nations’ or by the founders of the U.S.A. in writing the constitution. They have grown in darkness in a manner of speaking, undermining like a vast fungus or sinkhole underground the principles of democracy for individuals equally sovereign more or less. People wrongly believe they are the pinnacle of capitalism and fear addressing their monstrosity lest they be regarded as communist sympathizers. Karl Marx needless to say had no understanding of individual free enterprise and creativity and was something of a natural corporatist or collectivist himself. He merely wanted business and what would emerge as collective enterprises of corporatism to be owned by the public. Today the vast corporate/Maoist-Leninist global economic empire for plutocrats and other nefarious usurpers of democracy is the dominant fact unrecognized by most Americans at least.





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