Republicans lack a J.F.K. four 2024

Probably Donald Trump won’t run again in 2024 except as a spolier. The best chance for Republicans would be a John F Kennedy kind of younger fellow. e should have some comprehension of populism and of interests that are important to independent and poor voters like environmentalism and border security.

That candidate should abandon the border wall concept and suggest an irresistible new concept of making a vast construction project with earthmovers and dozers along the border to construct a series of fresh water making desalinization-evaporation-condensation canals using pipeline siphoned up with solar power saltwater from the Pacific to New Mexico. En passant one would get real border security barriers yet also create millions of acres of new farmland for the U.S. southwest deserts and Northern Mexico and thousands of jobs during and after construction.

For some reason good ideas are hard to get in U.S. politics these days. Instead everyone relies on and has absolute allegiance to corporations and franchises-who will bring the marshmallow of the moon back to Earth to feed us all (ref Arthur Hoppe).





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