The Synthesis of Corporatism and Communism

 Hitler’s national socialist economic policy was corporatism. That is why Wall Street is so gleeful about investing with Chinese partners in a Maoist-Leninist NEP policy adapted to the 21st century. Each like to censor individuals with independent ideas. The 1% of corporatism and communism are about power especially when material goods are plentiful and easy to produce.

Communism and corporatism aren’t the same in structure exactly although they tend to produce the same results in repressing individualism and free speech eventually. Hitler’s corporatism and Chinese Maoist-Leninist NEP economics upgraded work well together. Wall Street enjoys the privatization of some of the Chinese economy and has partnered with it. The synthesis of corporatism and communism was quite a natural evolution. Toynbee wrote that the Universal phase is the last of of a civilization before its souffle’ like fall. Irrational exuberance can affect any herd of investors that lack the immunity of common sense and historical perspective.





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