No; Trump won’t be imprisoned for inciting anything

People have liberally used the word ‘incite’ concerning former President Trump’s roll in the D.C. events of January 6th. No court would be able to convict anyone for inciting a riot much less insurrection on the language Donald Trump used in my opinion. He simply invited his supporters to go to D.C. Of the 100,00 to 200,000 people that did demonstrate some few hundred rioted and entered the capitol building that was lightly yet bravely defended by security.

The accusations against Donald Trump seem mostly political and vindictive by people that liberally hate him. What concerns me more is the trend for the desire for opponents or haters of someone to transform language into something more useful for their purpose. That is known as the big lie and has always been one of my concerns.

Adults are always held accountable for their actions- even rioters, rather than some vague power of other persons wearing the original MAGA or even a tin foil hat.





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