On Trumpets Toeing the Biden Agenda

Neutral questions that express no partisanship are difficult to write. Since the anti-evictionists that sought to find a remedy in the capitol weren’t able to, MAGA hats may become collectors items that some will be brave enough to wear in places with non-neutral persons of apposite hate.

I am not sure yet if writing hatefully toward neutral writers on political topics is still pc for social media (isn’t that an oxymoron since its mostly owned by billionaires that tolerate only a certain range of answers).

I tried to find QAnon on social media and encountered that website where there is a lot of weird self-porn posts and not much else. Maybe only extremists used that anyway- what was it called- Y2k or some kind of fortune cookie oriental term.

I have always worn a mask. Of course I was neutral in 2020 and voted for none of the above (NOA). In fact I suggested that Halloween masks be adapted to protect the eyes and full face and let people work in sweatshops again like social media server farms (lol).

Trump was the sole realistic alternative to Hillary in 2016 and many still believe that the entire homosexual marriage thing is bent although Corporate is trying to program youth to be happy with that.





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