Traditionalists, Iconoclasts et al

If its don’t broke don’t fix it is a corollary of traditionalists. There are iconoclasts and Genghis Khans that seek rapid change and Marxists seeking to redistribute wealth to the masses from the oppressive conspirators and collusionists at the top. Anarchists just want change without anything in mind as a destination- they seek just to liven things up. Nihilists off their meds have doom gloom, malaise and nothingness as the inevitable and fatal attraction.

Traditionalists want good lifetime paint on their electrified, white picket fence. Those seeking change may want to drag people from their cars and impale them on the fence. Traditionalists are not fence sitters.

Some traditionalists have given other traditionalists a bad name. Slavers for example enjoyed the tradition of owning slaves. Free people enjoy the tradition of freedom and wish to remain so.

Some traditionalists have read a lot of history and would like to encourage to avoid the often recurrent errors of the past. Some anti-traditionalists want to step right back into those traps and snares because they didn’t read about them because they were out rioting and boozing.

One great field for traditionalist and the antipathetic mob of neo-scientific atheists has developed along the evolution fault line following the social earthquake of Darwin’s tome ‘On the Origin of Species’. Especially after Big Bang theory arose atheist forces have produced a ton of anti-Christian traditional stuff seeking to purge society of belief in God. They believe they are too intelligent to believe in God or Jesus Christ. Mostly those are thoughtless, faithless people that are simply coming out of the closet of atheism they his in pretending to be Christian when it was the majority opinion and tradition.

Philosophical thought and reading have been traditional for more than a thousand years by those with intellectual or spiritual interests. They still read Plato, Aquinus and Kant; enjoying modern cosmology, Higgs field theory and classical contemplations of theology and traditional mysticism such as Plotinus’ neo-Platonism and have no trouble in continuing belief in God and the veracity of the Bible as they read Wittgenstein and learn of the history of ancient Sumer and the late Wisconsin ice age as they interpret and correlate Biblical history and interpretation of ancient literature along the paradigmatic and syntagmatic axis of meaning. Some of the rote-educated professionals that hate thinking for themselves outside of Professional occupational lines are quite agitated about ridding society of all of the uneducated traditionalists that just go along with what they regard as obsolete ideas.

Fortunately life does not go on forever on Earth so one need not endure the restive souls determined to change the dirt of things now and forever so they can go to the worms more assured of the meaninglessness and futility of everything ultimately. In some ways those seeking general change who are against traditionalism gratuitously are boat rockers on dry land with the frigid northern waters, waves and wind somewhere in the distance, unthreatening to their glamour.

Measured progress from a stable base and in an equal protection of the law environment are traditional pursuits of western liberalism. It is interesting how quickly super-heroes of comic books have become the vanguard of anti-traditional and evolutionary change in support of values that concentrate wealth and destroy the real civil liberties of mankind.





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