Banned for two weeks from production

I was banned (temporarily) from another web site- this time. Apparently they want very neutered questions. The one they hated at Quora was apparently this one; ‘Should illegal aliens work as corporate censors to allow fair and balanced corporate propaganda?’

I was going to ask the following questions today, and will post them here instead.

Which former presidents, living or dead, should be impeached

Did the word of God shatter nothingness into a plenitude of 2-dimensional strings

What possible reason could God, alone in darkness, have to illuminate his workplace  (the perfect whole was shattered into myriad strings by someone in darkness illuminating his workspace)

Did Vichy France leaders incite the resistance?

Do solitary beings in darkness learn to create light

Is the impeachment trial of more value to Americans than stimulus checks

Were steroids used in sports in the 1970s

Could a human have broken Babe Ruth’s inflated clown-era home run record without steroids

Was Kobe Bryant as great of a Laker as Jerry West

Would Tyson Fury have been a good pro football edge rusher if raised in Indiana

Are Lebron James and Larry Bird a better all-star team selection at forward than Rick Barry and Michael Jordan

Should the Biden admin accelerate lunar base development before the nation goes broke

How long is frozen beef good to eat if cached on the moon

Can one barbecue steak in lunar low-gravity vacuum

Do flying drones deliver hot pizza fast anywhere

Has anyone swam entirely across Puget Sound under water (with scuba)

Is nothingness better off without being or vice versa

Was Socrates a fascist

Is it better to have no morality than bad morality

What are the odds of Trump being convicted in the impeachment trial

Should Trump if convicted be sent into exile at Elba or Wrangell





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