On conjecture re: possible forms of God

I like the question. One wants to compare the forms of God that are possible to something in the Universe, or something of experience or conjecture; maybe a Platonic form ala’ Plotinus’ Enneads might help with, or thought as an abstract form of spirit-for-itself. Contemporary metaphysics and the Higgs field provides even more material.

Consider the idea of God existing along in the dark for a second and ask- would he want to create a light in the darkness for a workspace-Universe of being rather than non-being. What might happen with that?

The Higgs field is something of somewhat unknown dimensions. People like to say that it was like a sombrero that was absolutely stable and then had a quantum jitter from nervous instability perhaps and then it hyperinflated a lot of matter punishing anti-matter mostly into oblivion.

Matter these days is regarded as a secondary phenomenon of energy entangled or slowed down in the Higgs field where massless particles get the appearance of mass travelling slower than light speed and get thick. That variable speed of massless particles is a wonder- all of the mass of the Universe is just entanglements of massless particles in different yet regular quanta, and gravity is some sort of Higgs field phenomenon that moves all that entangled energy that is mass together like an efficient filing clerk putting all of the M’s in the M-file automatically.

God may have flexed a thought in his perfect and whole mind and an undifferentiated region of monistic glory pluralized like a fractured window into a zillion virtual points and strings bring energy or light to the darkness in however many dimensions were useful and used fully.

How much thought went into the energy of mass configurations foreknown to God are beyond me. I suppose quite a bit of time and space went in to the contiguity of possible Universes that might be interpreted from within contingent minds.





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