The Insurrectionists (poem)

  The insurrectionists misunderstood Plato and Aristotle
tomorrows snowfall
the leader’s ego
the wrath of the furies
a federal reserve magic money machine
in back of the big bank store
corporatism of the rich

  The insurrectionists in the woods
with lumber should have in retrospect
built a platform with their own planks
structured nationalist ranks
individually free of the call of global atheism
those smug networked sardines
swimming a commercial electronic sea

  Educators with rule books for crooks
digitized for fried laws of evolution soon
yuman will change to an evil demi-urgent beat
inductin the Higg’s field paths of prosperity
priests sharing rem of Mao
in realms of bliss and wonder
where the erased are forgotten yet torn asunder

Insurrectionists of past times forgot
the golden glow of Shanghai showing
future visions of sugar plum faeries
capital increasing faster than wages
billions of workers managed by insiders
trickling untold riches upward
where the capitol is owned  by those with no name

Spirit became insurrection to nameless
persons of interest
with the false religion of pim-ps
waves of advertisements from the same source
a machine stirring brain waves
with advanced sewage processing
insurrectionists  regarded as meatheads

An insurrectionist contemplated action vs inaction
like a Christian Bodhisattva making green cider
signs of art for wonders how
many massless particles could be made from nothing
to be thickened
in a Higgs field’s current live stream
a nation secure from economic threats.





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