Lame excuses for low-level bio-war covid 19 masks

Should have been treated as a low-level bio-war exercise. A year after the scything wave of Covid 19 entered the nation there still aren’t a lot of clever, innovative designs for masks to prevent public transmission of the lethal virus. The Congress is pursuing a conviction of the former President for impeachment so he can’t run again though. Unimaginative work as a sour grapes for failing to get a conviction of Trump-Russian collusion to win the 2016 election. It would be good for the government to encourage some designs of better filter masks in preparedness for some unforeseen airborne pathogen of the future.

One of the reasons people don’t like to wear paper and cloth masks is that the amount of air one gets is reduced. A nation already suffering from legal dope, booze and Co2 need all the oxygen they can get- not less. So designing better masks that work well and that could be mass produced through use of the defense act would be an improvement over the la me way things are.

A better air flow quantitatively need arise. That probably means using rechargeable batteries good for at least ten hours of powering a small electric air intake fan that pulls air through some quality, drop-in filters in a thin rectangular box. Air input to the breather would surpass that of normal breathing, yet the air input level might be adjusted by dialing up or down the speed of the electric fan.

Air probably should be filtered on entry and exit. The air tubes should e made to snap on to a variety of face coverings from futuristic full face and eye covering masks to some that just covers the nose and mouth. Maybe Halloween mask manufacturers could be the ones to produce masks in large quantity should a new wave of unforeseen airborne pathogens of a lethal nature appear from some place with a runway.

Does mask wearing reduce oxygen input and make people stupid, or harm pregnant women? Like global warming CO2 reduced oxygen input could be bad for the brain? Perhaps better masks should be designed with rechargeable electric batteries that increase oxygen input.





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