The Higgs Field is fascinating to consider

 I am interested in the Higgs field’s effects these days. It seems that in the popular realm at least much isn’t known about the field that gives mass to massless quantum particles. Is the field comparable to an electro-magnetic field and the massless force-carrying particles it has named photons? Of course the Higgs field is far more primary, and all of the other forces presumably occur within or subject to the Higgs field.

There are paradoxes concerning the nature of the field of course. Are the basic forces of this contingent Universe of mass not fundamental because like the mass of the Universe it occurs just as a secondary phenomenon of massless particles being slowed down in the Higgs to sub-light speed so they seem to have mass and three dimensions rather than two? How could those forces not be present at the higher, primary level of the Higgs field and just in the secondary somewhat illusory region of mass in the Universe? What are the dimensions of the Higgs field if massless particles are two-dimensional at light speed? Does the Higgs have any sort of force carrying particles (not the Higgs bosun) and is that massless too, or is their a higher protocol field that allows the Higgs field to exist? etc.





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