Impeaching Hillary Clinton and George Washington in the Future of a Democratic Congress?

 The Democratic Party is beginning the process of deciding if Donald Trump should be convicted of impeachment. I can hardly wait until they finish that and move on to Hillary Clinton to prevent her from running again in 2024. About anyone living or dead could be impeached in the post or pre-office holding paradigm. Impeaching Americans that aren’t President of the United States, even if they were in the past, is a great new trend that can increase the efficiency of returning Democrats to the White House down the road.

If President Trump was legally guilty of some felony crime while in office he is not immune from being charged by some federal prosecutor for that. What he should be is immune from a partisan majority in Congress usurping the judiciaries role of hearing criminal cases of American civilians or choosing who to make ineligible for political office by partisan vote. Inciting a riot or inciting an insurrection probably are actual criminal offenses, and it is not at all the role of a kangaroo court of Democrats in congress to prosecute. In a civilian court any defense attorney could easily have kept most of the Democrats in Congress from being on the jury; they are  hate group with Donald Trump their target the past five years. 





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