Banning the U.S.A. from ‘Social Media’

 Russell said that Plato was a fascist- of course that was during the second world war. Socrates and Plato supported oligarchy instead of democracy of course. The best part of the Republic was the concept of forms that was elaborated better by Plotinus in his Enneads roughly six hundred years later. Presently so many people with comments about the U.S. political seen are being de-platformed. It makes one realize that the system is something of a joke with corporatism having taken over entirely. One may find it silly to be considering various political systems when one’s own is just owned by the rich.

People even mentioning the nominal insurrection tend to be de-platformed these days. Fscebook may sort one out and just allow political sites they believe a writer belongs in- partisan sites. Quora may suspend editing for a while because questions seem not to be apposite for the impeachment proceeds, etc. The rich really own social media from which the U.S. electorate may experience partisan banning during important political times- social media is the ban media when it counts. For the government not to have its own citizen websites and server to prevent gross censorship in favor of corporate policy preferences makes the democracy seem somewhat like a pet.





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