The Value of Doctrines

Doctrines are a good way of summarizing complex ideas for the simple or of objectively stating policy. To be in-doctrinated is to learn a doctrine and there isn’t anything implicitly wrong with that. Some social or political doctrines may be better than others. I think the point is that one needs to think for oneself about doctrines that one has to determine their worth. Presently corporatism is indoctrinating everyone to accept there policies concerning tax rates, homosexual marriage, population density, the harm of nationalism in regard to the United States in an era when all of the cheap labor is in China where Wall Street wants to invest. There is much anti-Christian dogma these days and doctrine that followed Darwinism. People aren’t generally philosophically well informed enough concerning not only Genesis and the Higgs field to reconcile the idea that evolution isn’t necessarily anti-pathetic to the Biblical book of Genesis ideas- they haven’t much interest in ancient history, literary interpretation, anthropology and other fields that are needed to make well-informed determinations concerning the viability or veracity of certain controversial ideas. And of course a dozen people will emerge with false doctrines if a profit could be made with it in some way. So I think a good idea is to use the Socratic measure of uncertainty concerning deep subjective epistemology and examine for oneself any sort of doctrine and belief system encountered to decide what elements can be useful in constructing your own personal doctrine most useful for-yourself. President Biden has said he is making a war upon the soul of the nation; seems like a strong effort to indoctrinate.





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