Cosmology, Creation, Universes and Apologetics (video)

What is gravity? Occasionally I speculate and write something about it. I have no idea about the extent of the Higgs Field yet it is popularly credited with doing marvelous things to energy and for mass these days. Blame it for creating the appearance of gravity too. So what is gravity? It could be an apparent effect caused by the shape or reshaping of the Higgs Field interacting with energy and mass. If the Higgs Field allows mass in three dimensions to be created from two dimensional energy slowing down in the Higgs Field, the Higgs itself might be morphed and reshaped making thereby the appearance of space being curved in relation to gravity.

If the Higgs Field is more or less than three dimensions, the field may allow quantum entanglement information to be saved or relocated from three dimensions and disseminated faster than light-itself an apparent phenomena in three dimensions- through the non-three dimensional field and return to three dimensional locations with something like a waveform collapse.

Gravity occurs at light speed, and that would be natural if light speed is the norm for massless particle-waves or energy not slowed down to three dimensions. When energy becomes entangled from two dimensions to three and becomes embedded in a steady state in the Higgs Field, the aggregation of mass in the field reshapes the field and draws other mass toward it in field curvature. The field itself may act at the speed of light and create the appearance of gravity acting at the speed of light. If the field is expanding or is something is acting upon the field that isn’t of the three dimensional mass the Higgs Field could seem to be causing space to expand. There is an obvious way to regard that condition though; aggregation of mass that causes the Field to warp and attract mass may reciprocally expand space of the field bereft of elements of the field drawn in the Higgs Field and mass interactive aggregation situation.

Gravity is a marvelous thing. If it is an appearance because people see through a glass darkly embedded in the mass of particle-waves slowed down to sub-light speed in the Higgs Field, humans at least have the promise of discovering how it arises some day. Like the time when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac by God, and Abraham showed he had such faith in God existing so as to be regarded as worthy of the promise, the appearance of gravity on this side of the cloud of unknowing may someday be rewarded by the saving grace of truth appearing; as when God sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ to save all of those of faith. The truth will set gravity theorists free.

Some people wonder about the relationship of God to the Universe and how the theory of evolution juxtaposes with the explanation of creation provided in the Bible. The accounts of contemporary cosmology and of the book of Genesis aren’t in necessary contradiction or even in conflict as superficial reading or analysis indicates to some, though most haven’t troubled to look to far into either field.

Consider what an eternal being who could create a Higgs field with a thought, or a thought of a field that has always existed like a library of every possible idea or universe that could ever exist, completely existing with God, would want to tell beings in a universe or thermodynamic process that he actualized, about how it came to be. I will give a shot at imagining what kind of reconciliation he would try.

Briefly He might say that; “I saw nothingness and brought light to it and over a period of time -days for you I will call them since general relativity wasn’t existing yet nor even special relativity or energy and mass- I brought stars and dust to exist and man evolved innocently in an Eden of blissful ignorance until he/you/they grew smart enough to cultivate orchards, plant crops and etc. You were de facto booted out of Eden, into clothing, guilt with the knowledge of good and evil’s difference and into the realm of Cain kills his brother Abel to just continue evolving in a wild format until I tried to correct your existential estrangement from my way of peace, wisdom and so forth.

Your first civilization incidentally was located at a spot that is now beneath the Persian Gulf. At least there was one guy who followed my warnings about the rising global sea level during the end of the Wisconsin ice age. He- Noah and his family build a boat and survived the flood that drowned those wicked people that kept going on with their immoral drift of destruction. Noah’s sons went out to people living south of the Mediterranean Sea and became leaders, somewhat like the Verangian Vikings became leaders of Slavs living around the city they founded at Kiev. Hey, that brings you up to Charles Darwin and the present time with all of the interesting questions you can create concerning the paradoxes of the Higgs field, of mass, energy, space, time, a plethora of universes and modal logic possibilities without end.

It is a great time to be alive except for the planetary destruction of the ecosphere and so forth. The problem about ignoring my son’s (Jesus Christ) prophecy concerning the great first century tribulation should have been surprising to me yet it wasn’t of course. Some of you are still looking for a great tribulation and take that paradigm as an excuse to keep destroying the environment and to stop building the kingdom of God up on Earth through an egalitarian, literate priesthood of believers. I am supposed to be resting now though, so I’ll get back to you on that.

There are many interesting historical researches going on today, and that have been in addition to cosmology that provide much information to consider for Christian philosophers and the thoughtful. I think it is the case that some established church authorities have sought to freeze various structures in place because the contemporary dogmatics support the economic positions of the authorities and that can lead to schisms and reform such as that Protestants established in the 1500s.

I have learned more about the history of the first civilization over time in Summer (southern Mesopotamia). Abraham was from the city of Ur. Summer was established circa 5400 b.c. so it was an old civilization by the time he got the call from God to exodus about 2100 b.c. That was a period when Summer-Akkad was in the final throes of its span and a good time for Abraham to leave.

Abraham and family journeyed north nearly to the Mediterranean and the west to Israel or Canaan. That region was between the two great early civilization of Mesopotamia and Egypt. Learning that some of the information Abraham brought to Israel with him from Ur where he probably worked as a scribe has similar paradigmatic concurrence with ancient Sumerian data such as the flood during the end of the Wisconsin ice age should not be troubling to Christians. Instead they should be thankful that Abraham brought the truth with him.





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