Free expression means the biggest platform?

Today the most political expression and language occurs on the internet. Internet platforms are generally privately owned and subject to corporate censorship. The most rich can afford the most powerful servers and set the rules for what language can be used, how it can be presented and listed in search engines and other visibility factors. Corporate media owns the broadcast news networks and selectively resents what is in their best financial interest as news; the Republican party generally seems to be the losers in the race for biggest fish able to eat the smaller fish.

Republicans have something of a dual nature; they have rich insider corporatists supported by people like former Senate majority leader McConnell and populist blue collar supporters like Sen Ted Cruz. Much of the conservative blue collar people are reliant on fossil fuel industry jobs and support obsolete and fatuous ideas such as global warming is really caused by puff the magic dragon’s flatulence that will stop when his digestion settles down. There are many conservative Christian fundamentalists with wrong end-times beliefs that believe the tribulation is ahead and President Biden is the anti-Christ and NPR is his puppet mouthpiece. President Biden is regarded in some paradigms as the anti-Christ. The left uses much of the above as proof of the racism of the Republican Party, and nationalism has come to be associated with the phrase ‘white nationalism’.

Because many Americans that don’t vote Democrat are pragmatists concerned with the U.S.A.’s prospects and believe the well-being of the nation and the national economy is in effect in their personal interest they tend to be nationalists. There is of course a great struggle by globalists to reduce nationalists and convert the exist middle class into downwardly mobile tools for corporatist globalism and the message is hammered down incessantly on the biggest platforms.

The bi-partisan politics that reinforce globalism over the national interests of the U.S.A. are helped along by the homosexual power movement that would use the United States as a tool to force homosexual marriage on the world under British supervision. Brits tend to be leaders at godless political atheism because of their application of the ideas of their very own Charles Darwin. Traditional British imperialism finds the promotion of atheism and homosexuality quite agreeable for building up their own interests among the English speaking world. Britain and the homosexual radical left would like to get rid of a Russia in opposition to homosexual marriage and not controlled by Wall Street.

There is confusion in the body politic concerning the difference between corporatism and socialism. In fact there isn’t much of a difference down the road as the body politic become drone workers without morality or faith under an imperialism agreeable to the 1% leaders in either Wall Street or Chinese Communist countries. I wrote this post because I read an opinion that no country is any better than another. People today haven’t read Plato apparently, and they should, for the ideas regarding one thing being better than others or not, and what is good-what the good is, is very old yet obviously unknown to plenty of moderns.

The concept of equality has been stretch and deformed to the point of meaninglessness and falsehood the past 20 years. Some nations have better political systems than others, some have less population density or better social safety nets. While none have sustainable ecological economic infrastructure perhaps they will some day. One might ask if any nation limits the amount of wealth a citizen might have in relation to the average income or if a nation as more secure borders against illegal entry than others. To claim that no nation is better than any other is a claim for the great mediocrity of contemporary political systems and the futility of trying to make government better. For some reason it is believed that one can make a better care, computer or casserole than any other yet no nation can have even a slight edge. If that were so than they all would be losers. The Republic





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