China’s economic growth in spite of communist leadership

Chinese have always had good enough economics over a few thousand years of history. In my opinion free enterprise individualism and free speech uncensored by entrenched powers create better economics than oppressive regimes. Obviously China has an aggression problem seeking to expand in Tibet and the South China Sea trampling over the interests of locals and many nations today as it has in the past.

China has been helped a lot by the west in recent decades (since Richard Nixon) that sought to invest there. Because capital increases at a faster pace than wages it doesn’t take a genius to realize that partnering in Chinese business will increase capital returns faster than wages rise and need to be paid out to workers. Therefore China not only buys products from the west they also pay in capital to investors. Investing in China has been a regular stampede fulfilling Lenin’s maxim that “e will sell the capitalists the rope we hang them with”.

I have much confidence though that human nature and original sin will muck things up effectively enough to create repression in the west as well as China in the future and that conflicts will overtake reason working for prosperity, peace and spiritual freedom in a free enterprise evolution with limited capital accumulation by anyone (in order to prevent the oppression of a minority with too great of a concentration of wealth).





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