Tsleet Slate of Argon (fiction)

This is from a project of mine…

Chapter 1 In Seven Hundred and Twenty-Two Saint Begorah Sailed the Ocean Blue

A loud raven caw crossed space disrupted the domination of subtle chirp birds in the bush.. The big black bird sounded friendly to Kurt like bright afternoon sunshine unconcerned with the splattered state of the world .When perceived the black feathers for others absorbed photons though the color for-itself uninterpreted by human eyes was as empty as the heart of darkness passing through local time. Kurt Shooter heard the raven sound on many continents and latitudes of the Y’earth planet. He recognized the intelligent bird as a compatriot being. It was good to hear the sound in thornish scrub desert brambles on a Composition Nine travelers world. Partially decomposed bodies littered the landscape complicating contemporary history. Shooter’s immediate task was to sort out the evidence of the place assigned by Delta Taco Tier One. Activating Shooter was the prerogative of the independent security consortium of the constellation of dwindled worlds seeking to keep a semblance of freedom from one of many evil empires littering the Universe.

Shooter understood that when God created a Universe it was developed in a two dimensional line of energy that was expanded to three dimensions like a membrane with the addition of a Higgs field. Stretching the line energy out over three dimensions made a Higgs Field of virtual energy of vast extent. Within the Higgs field might arise three-dimensional particles from the two dimensional massless particles of the field itself as they became tangled up in the field overlapping themselves and bringing in to being the affect of three dimensional particles with mass from massless two-dimensional particles. In such a way a Universe was born as George Lemater and Allan Guth had speculated about in the days before the discovery of the nature of the field. An infinite number of Universe membrane files existed next to one another in the special Modge Panc cabinet of teleological design. Each membrane could entail a limitless number of contingent dimensions and branches for spun-off Universes. Sometimes wickedness broke out interdimensionally within these Universes and slaughters of innocents and not-so-innocents and downright wicked beings occurred. Then, Kurt Shooter or some other Tier three operators was assigned to sort out and interdict if possible for preventative and merciful reasons those perpetrators and causes that had brought the shift into beaning.

The corpses were strewn in a rough perimeter and obviously had been posthumously munched on by Claxsop spiders that lived amid the dense foliage along the winding desert river. The Livid River had scoured out a valley overlapping centuries with the work of abrasive erosion. A few flying defense drones resembling wrens still glowed with blue light though inactive and broken around the scene of the last stand of a Bankop squad. Shooter looked around for sign of alien opposition forces, then used a field sensor to scan for elector-magnetic and visual presences of biological and mechanisms. He wondered what haters could have terminated the journey banker-warrior squad. So he found a good sized boulder to set down upon then built a lush global warming campfire to heat a cup of highland coffee to a scalding degree to take the edge of the experience.

He new that some investigators had developed psychological trauma that reverberated around their minds from seeing such travesties and was therefor took defensive countermeasures measures to prevent p.t.e.d. A memory of Mistress Sally making a stimulus check on him verbed up from the deep; they’d shared r.e.m. and she do’oothed him right on the spot. He reminded himself not to be distracted thinking about the past too much in the field when Ever-naw could be advancing toward their quarry beyond his field of vision. Dlive, Kurt’s emotional support coyote, rested on the ground looking outward toward likely enemy avenues of approach.

Kurt wanted to consider the motivations that could have prompted the mini-battle that was a last stand for the banker-squad. Forming ideas that would arise from his subconscious mind into awareness he knew, could be induced by putting his thought onto so other topic during which the unrelated solutions or suggestions of solution might appear from the depths. His head-band guarded against impacts with a layer of battery gell stuffed with intelligent nano-machine electronics and communication structures. He said to it;-”Play the video about the guy seeking the American dream of building and owning his own storage shed.”

A flying square of liquid crustal display appeared to hover in front of his eyes a couple of feet distant presenting the movie on a ten inch screen. The gell could emit numerous shapes and reclaim the substance from the form when the use was finished. Kurt watched Pedro Cordoba carrying lumber on his shoulder through a dark forest walking uphill and crossing muskeg bog over and over again reminding him of the myth of Sysyphus, yet in time a storage shed began to form at the top of the trail. The winter struck and the little building was buried under snow and ice. The Neo-KGB discerned his activity in the forest and sent legions of harpies to impede his attempt to build the American dream. Pedro suffered a dislocated should and then a torn rotator cuff and left for the winter in a small open boat from the edge of the forest traveling down the coast a couple of hundred miles. The further adventures of Pedro interested Shooter, yet he had pressing details to look at over the killing ground, so he finished the last of the coffee, got up and walked about the area stopping at a pile of remains. He toed up and used a foot to flip over the body that remained about 60% complete

The bankop operative’s remains had a residual glow about them that indicated to Kurt that he had recently been in a capital accumulation vault that marked workers with silo-dye. There were just a few facilities in the galaxy able to afford the process of infusing quark-dye into the epidermis of visitors.

Kurt was a skeptic concerning the prospects for improvements to the character of the human species that were publicized whenever new facts or speculation about Higgs field related discoveries were made. Gravity occurs at light speed, and that would be natural if light speed is the norm for massless particle-waves or energy not slowed down to three dimensions. When energy becomes entangled from two dimensions to three and becomes embedded in a steady state in the Higgs Field, the aggregation of mass in the field reshapes the field and draws other mass toward it in field curvature. The field itself may act at the speed of light and create the appearance of gravity acting at the speed of light. If the field is expanding or is something is acting upon the field that isn’t of the three dimensional mass the Higgs Field could seem to be causing space to expand. There is an obvious way to regard that condition though; aggregation of mass that causes the Field to warp and attract mass may reciprocally expand space of the field bereft of elements of the field drawn in the Higgs Field and mass interactive aggregation situation.

Gravity is a marvelous thing. If it is an appearance because people see through a glass darkly embedded in the mass of particle-waves slowed down to sub-light speed in the Higgs Field, humans at least have the promise of discovering how it arises some day. Like the time when Abraham was asked to sacrifice his son Isaac by God, and Abraham showed he had such faith in God existing so as to be regarded as worthy of the promise, the appearance of gravity on this side of the cloud of unknowing may someday be rewarded by the saving grace of truth appearing; as when God sacrificed His Son Jesus Christ to save all of those of faith. The truth will set gravity theorists free.

Some people wonder about the relationship of God to the Universe and how the theory of evolution juxtaposes with the explanation of creation provided in the Bible. The accounts of contemporary cosmology and of the book of Genesis aren’t in necessary contradiction or even in conflict as superficial reading or analysis indicates to some, though most haven’t troubled to look to far into either field. Consider what an eternal being who could create a Higgs field with a thought, or a thought of a field that has always existed like a library of every possible idea or universe that could ever exist, completely existing with God, would want to tell beings in a universe or thermodynamic process that he actualized, about how it came to be. Kurt imagined imagining what kind of reconciliation he would try and thought that He might say briefly that; “I saw nothingness and brought light to it and over a period of time -days for you I will call them since general relativity wasn’t existing yet nor even special relativity or energy and mass- I brought stars and dust to exist and man evolved innocently in an Eden of blissful ignorance until he/you/they grew smart enough to cultivate orchards, plant crops and etc. You were de facto booted out of Eden, into clothing, guilt with the knowledge of good and evil’s difference and into the realm of Cain kills his brother Abel to just continue evolving in a wild format until I tried to correct your existential estrangement from my way of peace, wisdom and so forth. Your first civilization, incidentally, was located at a spot that is now beneath the Persian Gulf. At least there was one guy who followed my warnings about the rising global sea level during the end of the Wisconsin ice age. He- Noah and his family build a boat and survived the flood that drowned those wicked people that kept going on with their immoral drift of destruction. Noah’s sons went out to people living south of the Mediterranean Sea and became leaders, somewhat like the Verangian Vikings became leaders of Slavs living around the city they founded at Kiev. Hey, that brings you up to Charles Darwin and the present time with all of the interesting questions you can create concerning the paradoxes of the Higgs field, of mass, energy, space, time, a plethora of universes and modal logic possibilities without end.

It is a great time to be alive except for the planetary destruction of the ecosphere and so forth. The problem about ignoring my son’s (Jesus Christ) prophecy concerning the great first century tribulation should have been surprising to me yet it wasn’t of course. Some of you are still looking for a great tribulation and take that paradigm as an excuse to keep destroying the environment and to stop building the kingdom of God up on Earth through an egalitarian, literate priesthood of believers. I am supposed to be resting now though, so I’ll get back to you on that.”

Kurt listened to the gently flowing water of the livid river and contemplated the fate of the corpse. Was the bankop saved? He thought that very unlikely, and remembered fragments of Baxter’s ethics written so many centuries before from Directory IX. ‘ When you have found yourselves in a state of sin and death, understand and consider what a state that is.’ It may be you will think it a tolerable condition, and linger in it, as if you were safe ; or delay your repentance, as if it were a matter of no great haste ; unless you open your eyes, and look round about you, and see in how slippery a place you stand. Let me name some instances of the misery of an unregenerate, graceless state, and then judge of it as the Word of God directs you.

As long as you are unconverted, you must needs be loathsome and abominable to God^. His holy nature is unreconcileable to sin, and would be unreconcileable to sinners, if it were not that he can cleanse and purify them. Did you know what sin is, and know God’s holiness, you would understand this much better. Your own averseness to God, and your dislike of the holiness of his laws and servants, might tell you what thoughts he hath of you. ” He hateth all the workers of iniquity’.” Indeed he taketh you for his enemies, and as such he will handle you, if you be not converted.

Some think it strange that any men should be called ” haters of God ;” and I believe you will find it hard to meet with that man that will confess it by himself, till converting grace or hell constrain him. And indeed if God himself had not charged men with that sin, and called them by that name, we should scarce have found belief or patience when we had endeavoured to convince the world of it.

Why did the world hate Christ himself? lie tells you, ” The world cannot hate yon, but me it hateth, because I testify against it, that the works thereof are evil. This is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved dark rather than light, because their deeds were evil”

It is a wonder of blindness, that this God-hating world and age, should not perceive that they are God-haters, while they hate his servants to the death. and implacably rage against them, and hate his holy ways and kingdom, and bead all their power and interest in most of the kingdoms of the world, against his interest and his people upon earth : while the devil fights his battles against Christ through the world, by their hands, they will yet confess the devil’s malice against God, but deny their own ; as if he used their hands without their hearts”

The traveler’s world was littered with micro-surveillance grains scattered like dust from globe encompassing drones. Kurt asked his smart unit to check the status of the chess engine first responder to live threats anywhere on the planet. It would know if macro-sized opposition forces were active and determine the best countermeasures as controller even scaled up to battlefield size. Nothing active was indicated the smart speaker said. Kurt thought that strange yet not entirely inconsistent with modern tech.

Maybe bankop constructions were doomed to fail, being to small of socio-economic stature to rate any sort of success. Kurt took a biological survey unit from his carry belt and reached down to scoop in some of the less viscous portion of the corpse. Human like beings are mostly made of water with a few pounds of well structured chemicals thrown in, and they can be changed quickly or with evolving morphogenesis.

The unit beeped a ready result, so Kurt said to it; what is it?”

“The composition is a dead bankop D.N.A. design that catastrophically evolved with input water-nano remix to the non-living compresence sampled.” Kurt thought about what the unit said for a few seconds then put it back on his belt. He knew that quality D.N.A. rapid evolver agents were costly outside of the prime urban star systems of the galaxy, and this particular composition nine travelers world Sendufax was millions of miles from galaxy urban centers. Therefore the primary agents of nihilistic evolution were likely to be well-financed.





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