Western States also have degraded human rights

Freedom from government networks of oppression were usual in less populous American states. There was of course a great tradition of enslaving Americans that were not white in the save states of course, and traditional oppression continued after the civil war in newly evolved political vehicles.

Social conformity has always been a big factor an is a ubiquitous, omnipresent, existential threat to free citizenry. In my opinion western states have tended to oppress human rights when they have evolved a redefining of them as largely pertaining to particular special interest groups traditional, so far, called minorities (they are an emergent minority in western states). Civil rights may be something of a revolving door with practical temporal oppression of individuals and groups the colonizing majority power has over the minority-whosever they are in a given epoch.

Western states oppressed rebellious aboriginal Americans and their occasional insurrections out west and were mostly populated with white people who had the best human rights in planetary history debatably. Over the span of a few decades the population of minorities has increased and will continue and human rights have been changed in a sense to mean non-white rights. Marriage was adulterated with homosexual marriage, abortion ‘rights’ murdered the unborn by the tens of millions and the rise of global corporatism suppressed free political speech in social media. As history is defined by the victors so is free speech that is allowed to be spoken defined by the insider power majority.

The failure of politicians of the western states to clarify the point that all human and civil rights made as a universal law need to be consistent with Immanuel Kant’s categorical imperative has biased democracy in the west against objective freedom for individuals. Neither have the politics of the west defended the states against the subversion of state and federal independence from concentrated wealth that controls elections in a real sense through the cost of running for office.

Citizens are increasingly free to be corporate sycophants and political servo-units of one of the numerous ad hoc evil empires rising within the United States. They are being developed to be godless animals of imperialism- a problem of any densely populated society with social stratification infused with unsound derivative ideologies from scientific evolution.





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