Why hunger and famine aren’t gone from the world

Governments today are generally mostly democratic or populist working under corporatist globalism. There isn’t too much concentrated power in politics so much as their is concentrated wealth in corporate ownership that is entirely about profits. Politicians are tolerated by the corporate world and expected to serve them; ‘solving’ hunger and famine internationally isn’t at the top of their bucket list of things to do, as they usually need to focus on satisfying the voter’s interests who elected them and the corporate donors that enabled them to run for office.

There is a critical human flaw in social organization these decades that makes international responses to hunger and famine slow. The Covid 19 crisis showed the inefficiency and lack of ideas of governments in dealing effectively with an emergent challenge. The public learned words like ‘herd immunity’. The point is that governments are not invariably up to our expectations of what they should be.

There are serious deficiencies in the philosophy of political economy and economic philosophy as well as generally in social ethics that have not been solved. Democracies require the assent of the governed necessarily and democracies that are prosperous have voters mostly concerned with their own personal interests as the society expects them to be self-reliant and pursuing free enterprises themselves- they are not philosophers seeking and ideal world or organization of social structures in the world.

Obviously there is a need for a swift international responses to famines and hunger as they could theoretically strike anywhere, anytime. Those that are full today could face starvation tomorrow from some unknown agent of change and they would want some sort of help in that case. Plainly having people in the world that are very poor is also a source of famine. Eliminating poverty with new ecological economic policies of sustainability while restoring much of the world’s wild ecosphere would be good and should be possible, although again, not politically. Positive change would require funding programs like the U.N. Millennium project that would help Africans to farm in tough conditions for farming. Local food production is a prime remedy for avoiding famines and the U.S.A. would not even invest a couple of billion dollars in the program.

Places like Yemen are experiencing potential starvation because of the war and the never ending Shi’a-Sunni sectarian violence mixed up with oil and anti-west terrorism. Plainly with all of the sand for glass making and solar power indoor gardening and salt-water desalinization should be simple to create to produce food and reduce hunger, yet solving the problems leading to war and finding acceptable political structures that are acceptable to Shia seeking democracy and Sunni pursuing royalty would be quite challenging.

Over-population versus food required to sustain life has been problematic for economic models since Thomas Malthus. Much of the ‘enlightened’ logic of the day has prosperity motivating women to have fewer children for several reasons, so bringing economic prosperity to underdeveloped countries by modernizing them and sending capitalism and communism their way with better industry and technology is regarded as a remedy to overpopulation and hunger. Unfortunately the present global economic system is grossly unsustainable and causing numerous environmental problems; it could itself crash leading to increased famines.

I am not sure that there is a political solution to the problems caused by political economy that regards global poverty as an abstract part of capitalist economics that will be ‘solved’ eventually through classical economics. People need to be more rationally motivated to make sure that poverty is eliminated and excesses of concentrated wealth are channeled back into investments at the bottom of society to eliminate the rough edges unto death in famines and so forth. With 3 or 4 true geniuses per million people impoverishing people deletes from human potential a lot of very bright souls and their works- that should stop.





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