Could anyone have engineered Covid 19 to hurt Trump and reduce the population?

This question is not in some way a joke as quora minders have said. I don’t know how to phrase it in some more neutral way either. Plainly the appearance of Covid 19 destroyed the President’s economic management and prospects for re-election that appeared likely in spite of the years of Democrat accusations concerning Russia. Covid 19 was the grease that put President Biden in office.

Quora let me know that “This question should be phrased with neutral and sincere language. This question’s wording makes it seem like a joke, or intended rhetorically to make a statement, rather than looking for helpful answers. It should be rewritten to be a neutral, non-leading question. “

Population reduction- ZPG is a Democrat priority. They have championed abortion and have had 70 million dead pre-born so far. That isn’t a joke either. They also support euthenasia. Covid 19 is a wild kind of euthenasia killing older Americans. It is a good Nazi tool harvesting the sick and the elderly- culling the herd as some evolutionists might wish for wistfully. Some might want to achieve that- not joking, in the extremist biological expert community.

The Young, the Weak and the Sick: Evidence of Natural Selection by Predation

Herd Immunity – let the weak and sick die

If I had asked the question in this way ; ‘Did godless democrat PhDs in biology commit mass murder and frame the Chinese to get rid of Trump’, that would have been tactless.

I am simply looking for answers to the question of how easy it would be to select and distribute a lethal virus somewhere on Earth that would cull the herd of the weak and elderly, easily. And who the possible suspects are.

One Chinese general said they would defeat the U.S.A. with low technology rather than high technology; bat shit virus might count as low technology.





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