Would libertarian, open-sourced co-op social media offset corporate social media censors?

The problems of social media sites that are owned by corporations concerning censorship are innumerable. It is thus surprising that more libertarian social media sites publicly owned and maintained by users that are quite tolerant of free speech don’t much exist so far as I know.

Social media content tends to disappear over time if it isn’t what the owners regard as helpful to their political or corporate benefit. That creates big headaches for people with their content deleted. Some of the M.S.M. would say it is extremism that is being deleted, and of course they define for-themselves what extremism is. History and social media is made by the victors and wealthy corporate deep pocket owners.


Citizens need reliable public social media infrastructure so they can write whatever they like without concern for it disappearing They should be assured that it will last for decades. Social media should not be an elite media that is filtered by various exclusive others to further their political interests. It is amusing that even the left these days positively chortle when writing to someone being censored that the social media is private so they can do whatever they like and bite it therefor- get a lawyer if you want (corporate media can afford lawyers more so than private citizens of lesser means). So long as corporate social media supports all of the basic leftist planks of abortion, homosexuality, legal dope and so forth the left are happy sycophants in building the repression of free speech in the U.S.A. Public owned social media to provide a non-volatile balance for free speech in a free country would be a positive change.

The defense of freedom sometimes requires the public sector to act when the private sector isn’t capable of providing necessary social media themselves. It may always be the case that intelligence that is excellent seems extreme to the average Joe Stalins and Adolph Eichmanns occupying the banal center political stage where sycophancy works best. If all ideas are freely expressed rather than repressed then people can at least encounter good ideas as well as average, heavily cloned concepts.

Forms for publicly secure social media could be co-opts, or co-opts partly government financed, or servers and sites sponsored by parties like Libertarian and Green parties that are tolerant of different opinions even if they are sent to a right or conservative frequency of their spectrum of varieties of political speech. I believe Facebook already sorts out material according to political persuasion to a certain extent. Plainly more than political speech would be expressed at a Libertarian social media site and that is good. For there are myriad undreampt of ideas of an infinite variety of forms that can be discovered in thought that should not be filtered or deleted by crass corporate social media minders that are tools for brainwashing Americans.





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