Senatorial Integrity, the Unibomber, Covid 19 and Ethics

On the question of Lindsay Graham’s integrity that someone asked about. One would need to compare him to brother and sister Senators I would guess to make some kind of judgment about his integrity.

In my opinion few senators have excellent ideas- that is caused by not knowing any better. They are not, in other words simply suppressing good ideas or wrong ideas and promoting bad ones. They do what they believe is right although its wrong sometimes. Maybe there is a sliding scale of ethics in government- ethical relativism as it were.

What if some Democrat with a PhD in biology who is an atheist and total global warming kool-aid imbiber believed that another Trump administration would bring about the end of the world because of Trump policies; so like Ted Kaczynski, and environmental activist known as the unibomber, he or she decided to take direction action and sabotage the booming economy based on fossil fuel liberation after the last best hope of getting rid of Trump before the second term failed (that was the Russian collusion fiasco). Direct action would be collusion with the Chinese perhaps, or developing the Covid 19 virus from samples exfiltrated from Wuhan’s bio lab level 3 facility and taking the virus from America to China and releasing it in the market near the lab.

Knowing the virus would swiftly reach the U.S.A. and sabotage the economy, the unknown agent of evil would melt back into his job and process germs in Atlanta or wherever while Trump is blaming the Chinese and being impeached a second time. If that unlikely scenario were true or not, Democrats in Congress would not investigate the possibility of Chinese collusion to elect Joe Biden or anything like that and would attack such ‘extremist’ views. Would that be integrity or consistent political behavior these days.

In my opinion product loyalty is everything required presently in politics.





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