Bouncing about that Iggs field scale (poem)

  The answer to everything
an Iggs fueled emerged
embedded in that singularity
top hat spring-loaded
an unfolding sombrero diverged
faster-than-light expansion
massless particles slowing down
spinning around glued on quarks
welding protocols for three dimensions

  Iggs field across empty space
it was one field of infinite
numbers everywhere fluctuating
in a field matrix of infinite variables
a field of spuds spun nich(e) feelds
empowered force carrying protocols
unpacked singularity, bubbles of negativity
breathers of oxygen molecules
timing emergence of rhyming

  Iggs popped from singularity
without form and void
mass and anti-mass spin
from never begins
determinism to be and become
from nothingness infinite fields
send force through streams
digital actualized dreams
themselves forms of tomorrow

  Discrete digital captures of contained energy
horses for courses running to ground
quantum uncertainty of trans-finite infinities
eigenstate climbers of thermodynamic thresholds
phase change structures of the will of One
hermeneutic images of modge panc patterns
quantified, non-localized and compounded
infinity with freedom paradigmatized
bounce-sing on apposite Iggs field scales.





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