The Purpose of a Temporal Life

The existence of the Universe is phenomenal- an expression of God’s will. Matter appears embedded within the Higgs field that apparently unfolded from a ponderable singularity- time and being are bootstrapped occurrences with “sound and fury signifying nothing” besides being in-themselves.

Being-in-itself is the purpose of being. Change is an essential quality of being and time and life could not exist without it. There are universal constants in structures of forces, particle-waves and parameters for the behavior or range of digitalized components of energy-as-matter that allows coherent, rational forms to arise, continue and perish, and those with faith believe what is known of God concerning the eternal nature of the soul- perhaps information- and anticipated living with the Lord in heaven after the end of the temporal, day of judgment and various eschatological details and transpired.

Freedom in a sense means the range of movement of some thing. The more dimensions it has for movement the greater the freedom it could be said to have. Freedom cannot exist without support structures though. For instance, quantum particles cannot exactly be determined to be in a particular place and with a particular speed at the same time. Particles are like bumps on a wave line of infinite length and dimension that could be about anywhere, except entangled within the Higgs field and slowing down to sub-light speed they have mass and are probably within a certain range of relations. perhaps I didn’t write that very well- if the universe is digital information at the basic level the quantum values could be infinite at each location and yet for the entire Universe to have meaningful mass those numbers need to work together within a certain limited range to form a digital landscape portrait that ‘evolves’ in thermodynamic time. Freedom without discipline is such a jumble of digits that nothing arises to exist in a sentient structure, and if God intended to create sentient structures that would be a failure- and God does not fail.

I suppose one can make inferences rather easily about God applying some intention to human development within a naturally progressing Universe through interaction with humans through the Bible and other means; for instance humans need some discipline in their freedom if they are to exist for eternity with a perfect Being. Those incorrigibles that reject God altogether are digitally incompatible with existing within a coherent form over time. It may be that God just won’t pay the bills for eternity for those that refuse to believe in Him or to accept His merciful atonement for their not inconsiderable sin.

The purpose of the Universe may be to develop souls that can participate in the works of God in a righteous or approved way. Those that cannot and all of the sin and wickedness that humanity can perpetrate need to be contained- a temporal Universe is quite good for that. Consider what the world would be like for instance, if Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot lived eternally along with everyone else, or maybe the worst serial killers and capitalist-slavers forever could torture and persecute humanity. I believe humanity could create hell on Earth or anywhere else for-themselves and many would slide down that slippery slope as sycophants.





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