The label ‘insurrection’ was pejorative

It is the label of insurrection that was wrongly used. An insurrection is an armed attempt to overthrow the government fundamentally. It is a stage on the road of revolution, and plainly an armed insurrection or revolution wasn’t anything like what did take place. People died by the lethal weapon of a fire extinguisher that should not have been so publicly placed as a dangerous weapon (possibly placed by conspirators or collusionistas) and were crushed by a herd pushing through doors- plainly revolutionary devices.

The problem is that Americans are used to making pejorative b.s. and even advertising b.s. using terms like treason or revolution far too easily. They will say that speaking about a different brand of coffee is treason, or that buying a foreign car is treason, or that supporting Speaker Pelosi is treason although Mitch McConnell gets off on that unless a Democrat supports something that he has said publicly. The term has been so adulterated and watered down that the watered down paradigm is normal. So the good sales point of going from the ‘treason’ of Trump’s ‘Russian collusion’ to that of ‘insurrection’ for an out of hand mob element that stormed into the capitol without a snowballs chance in hell of erasing the electoral college results from the 50 states was natural to promote in the environment of a friendly press and a corporatist political economy that hated the ‘insurgent’ Trump candidacy and administration. If an actual insurrection occurred it would look quite a bit different.

An insurrection is a phrase and paradigm used to describe an armed uprising or possibly one through other means such as internet war on the grid that takes it all down, that cannot be contained by local authorities, and is for the purpose of ending the government (so anarchy may be a paradigm as well as revolt and replace). John Brown’s armed attempt to take over a Federal armory and arm slaves to revolt barely qualifies as an insurrection since it didn’t have popular support. Robert E. Lee incidentally was part of the federal response. There were other famous people their too.

So I don’t dispute most of the facts, just the label for what happened at the capitol. With the democrat pejorative use of insurrection the term could be applied to virtually any urban riot that requires the national guard and federal troops to put it down, even though the riots are not intended to get rid of the government or police forces so anarchy or mob government can replace it- that sort of demonstrating that gets out of hand is just part of American historical tradition and it is never labeled ‘insurrection’. Those Americans that remember the 60s anti-war movement may comprehend that more conservative protests can get raucous too and isn’t any more of an insurrection that their movement was an continues to be in Portland. Democrat leadership just retreats from that to a certain extent so they don’t need to ‘put it down’.





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