Writing that vomit scene

 Vomit is an important regurgitating output of mal input. One may induce projectile vomit with a constellation of causality from getting a bad burger from the dumpster to taking chemical remedies for cancer. One should use sincerity in writing on vomit generally, although sarcasm is sometimes appropriate too, such as when comparing select Democrat priorities such as forming a commission to further continue divisive U.S. politics over one to investigate the source of Covid 19; in such a political circumstance one might elaborate the ad nauseum nature (until it makes one sick) of the congressional flow of legislative malfeasance; the dog returning to its own vomit.

Projectile vomiting has the potential to make vomit scene writing great again. Vomiting might bring up from the gut a bad hard French fry that gets stuck sideways in the throat if one was careless about eating the day old stuff. That is, may double down with sickening nostalgia memories of projectile vomiting from food poisoning. One shouldn’t try experimenting with that at home though hoping that it could bring first-person information for writing.





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