These days Republicans are two parties in one

The Republican party seems to independents to have two parties for-themselves…one, the Mitch McConnell branch, is that of corporate bimbos agreeable to concentrating wealth, and the other are workers opposed to the immorality of Democrats, illegal alien job and wage displacement and taxes on themselves as working people. The two parties can sometimes form a majority at least of semi-conservative states in presidential elections.

One cannot easily examine the make-up of the Republican party without considering their Democrat opponents and methods. One need also regard corporate social media policy inclusive of their right to censor independent writers. What is it that Democrats want?

Democrats to worker Republicans seem to be an anti-white male party that is pro-affirmative action for their members and Orwellian to the point of eliminating language like ‘alien’ from laws to force discussion within boundaries that deletes opposition language. Democrat moderators at social media can find hate speech and bigotry in virtually any opposition expressions and downgrade or delete it and ban the writer once identified as non-Democrat.

Democrats are in a period of canceling white male culture to promote a brave new world through government compulsion and the ballot box; they would rather have white males live on food stamps and make citizens of illegal aliens to replace them because the aliens are likely Democrat voters in support of non-white political power. Democrats have their own corporate bimbo branch that would expand homosexuality globally as if it were a social equivalent of Covid 19 virus. That is regarded as an ally for the promotion of women’s economic power. It is a confused conflation of issues in conflict and ignorance of history regressive inasmuch as it deflects rational and equitable political development that would be satisfactory to Americans generally instead of onerous evils foisted by ‘crats of craziness unto coalitions of the unwilling.

Republican workers have legitimate political grievances with Democrats; they are marginalized by social media and called bigots for defending their own class interests. If there were no Negroes in the United States Republican workers voting for Trump would still have voted for Trump- that is, there were numerous other divisive political issues-opposing racial equality was not on the agenda for the vast majority of them. Corporate is preponderantly in support of the Democrat platform of downgrading the U.S.A. to the status of an international neutral runway for globalists, therefor Republican workers are generally betrayed by their leadership with the recent exception of the environmentally anachronistic Donald Trump.

Republicans will tend to seem like an obsolete party to youth because of it lacks any ecospheric health creds and thus is regarded as dumb and dirty. The corporate bimbo branch doesn’t actually need the office of President so Republicans seldom run quality candidates and certainly none with environmental economic education with a program of nationalism and a strong safety net for the bottom 25% of society. With good poverty elimination and environmental restoration policies Republicans could rise to a new majority status and defrappe some of the godless agenda of globalist Democrats.

It would be silly to expect anything of real benefit from either major U.S. party though. Democrats need Mexicans to be eligible for a draft to serve in future wars, to tend their lawns, build their sheds and puff smoke up their asses generally. That policy development could allow Mexico and even China to dominate U.S. politics while corporatists are amused from future gated communities in Tibet and Mars while ordinary Americans- the 99% – are left holding the bag of vast public debt owed to globalists, Martians and the unessential 1%. Blockchain currencies that are encrypted and hidden offshore and off-whirld will enable the rich to avoid paying taxes to any of those obnoxious national governments.





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