When moderns want evidence for the existence of God

People are sometimes confused about reality and language in regard to naming points of cosmology, metaphysics, theology and so forth; they have expectations about God and how He should be and expect categories of ‘evidence (things evident) to appear to them. Generally they have no training in formal logic nor in epistemology and would like a McGod’s to be on the corner with golden arches to offer bite-sized and tasty evidence to them for a reasonable price. With such great expectations they are disappointed to find that franchise missing.

It is as if a waiter is absent from the table in a French cafe’ described by Jean Paul Sartre in Being and Nothingness. Some even believe the waiter needs to be God serving them up information, or that the waiter should have proof that he is God-like if he is Christian having developed a Christ-like character through faith.

There are some troubles with the paradigm of faith and pre-destination that make it difficult for those without any evident relationship in or faith concerning God to see any evident artifact of God as if he left dinosaur fossils about the landscape if they just dig a little deeper. One cannot see the origin of the Higgs field so one has no certainty regarding its extent or if it was created or not by God even indirectly. It is as if every bit of the cosmos that exists even theoretically has just a middle and no beginning or end that is evident…nothing more than faith that it isn’t just a hologram or a deception by a wise-guy super-physicist playing with the sentient beings inhabiting a Universe he whipped up.

A thickening plot like a thickening of massless particles encountering the Higgs field to slow down and become mass so a contingent field of mass locked in a steady condition of particles can exist phenomenally brings us to the problem of finding evidence for and evidence against a creator of the entire uncertain phenomenal field and one-dimensional points that maybe were an uneven or fluctuating dimension of a vacuum between -1 and +1 with absolute zero energy lacking energy to stay balanced.

It is as if the plot of infinite series of quantum points fluctuating between all possible locations in an infinite number of theoretical dimensions was just a figment of the imagination of a lizard sunning itself on a rock rather than God who could set values to agitation and quantum jitters thinking about it. Some people just demand answers they cannot get reading the Bible and natural history and considering how an eternal God might have described some of his work to rather primitive people that believe they are terribly smart at any given time since they climbed down from the trees, or at least their ancestors did.

A plot with evidence for vs evidence against requires a start- an argument maybe stimulated by Darwin’s Origin of Species set with proximal causes and pieces of proofs concerning model universe and the philosophy of logic showing that the beginning and end of time are just arbitrary places to start in the temporal middle of nowhere theoretically speaking, with the relativity of space-time in the combined Higgs field phenomenalty of sub-luminal quarks and forces of gravity and massless particles set above and apart from mass being apparent primary- secondary effects of an unknown primary sponsor or agent of the Higgs sub-light show.

If the Bible is a process of understanding and correlating knowledge, those without evidence lack the content wherein with faith they might discover evidence or at least understanding meaning in a deeper sense. it does save time though to make summary though error prone judgments about things. It may be that those that were pre-determined to salvation encounter evidence and those that weren’t, don’t. It might be necessary to think on such things for a while to develop an informed opinion, yet McDonald’s calls.

Thickened Higgs field interactive content, stellar synthesis, melted and cooled magma- some expect to find evidence of God in such structures like clever little message written with advanced theoretical physics tools on the spin-states of sub-atomic particles, or maybe on clay tablets from an alien civilization that encounter God with faster-than-light starships that made it through to an alternate universe. I think that if one considers the Bible deeply one can not only form a good opinion on eschatology so they know the difference between pre-millennialism, post-millennialism and amillennialism, they can form better ideas about the creation in the scriptural paradigm in regard to all times and periods of human knowledge so people of each era might understand it, and that God created the Universe. Whatever mankind finds that is true about cosmology, it is not in contradiction with the information imparted in Genesis. natural history is not in conflict with scripture, it confirms it paradigmatically. God has not set any sort of deceits between the natural history of the Universe and the content of Genesis. The problem is in human understanding of either.

One can get beyond Pascal’s wager or James’ pragmatic reasons for belief and know that anything that exists does have at least half a chance of being created by someone.

I wrote an ebook that is free to download that has some of my efforts to clarify the topic. It was put together some years ago, before the Higgs field knowledge became familiar, and there are always new things to learn about Biblical, archeological and natural history that should go into another edition.

God, Cosmology and Nothingess-( Lulu)





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