Waiting for Normalcy or Something Like

Millions of Americans not wearing somewhat ineffective masks and Covid 19 reduced to near non-existence would be elements of normality. I suppose there are already millions of Americans not wearing masks who have ignored the admonition to mask up and that too is normal.

One of the Kardashians has filed for divorce from the singer Kanye West and the nation may never return to normal after that. I saw a headline about it and maybe will discover who those people are some day and learn why they are so important. It can never be reasonable said that divorce is normal.

Mr. West apparently said something to the effect that after 400 years of slavery that condition had become normal or not-resisted well enough and that was a non-liberal sounding sort of thing to say unacceptable to Californians or others waiting for 100 million dollars in the Covid 19 relief bill to pay for something concerning the Bay Area Rapid Transit system also known as Black Bart. In my opinion any sort of mass transit system that runs of electricity is probably worth investing in especially if it has Covid 19 detectors and auto sampling needles that extract blood from each passengers entering a ‘train’ for rapid D.N.A. sequencing to determine if they have enough Neanderthal genes to be considered Republicans.

If the Los Angeles Lakers do not win another N.B.A. title the nation will have small chance of being considered normal. The Lakers need win dathe next three years for even a semblance of normality to emerge from the chthonic pathos of the Covid 19 era.

I think Democrats tend to feel normality is godless atheism running to transformation of Star Fleet headquarters in S..F. to evolve a Judy Garland world that might freely be renamed Fruity Rapid Interplanetary transit to paradise on the planet Bezos formerly known as Mars with all of the wealth in 1% of the people who are politicians and CEOS and lawyers with liberty and justice for-themselves.

In a renormalized U.S.A. the rich will keep getting richer in spite of the pandemic being over and Americans will climb over themselves to blow smoke up the bare backsides of the rich agitating for low tax rates and labeling any suggestion to the contrary as socialism. Socialists will believe they aren’t merging with corporatism and Obamacare will be believed in error once again to be a practical system that covers the poorest citizens comprehensively even if they need be homeless and move seasonally to moderate temperatures.

A bill or executive action will be made that will restore to ecospheric health one acre of prime Florida swamp land and guarantee a cleaner atmosphere without so much CO2 in the year 2739. Illegal aliens will be made citizens in order to get the fair $15 minimum wage and older poor Americans won’t be able to find any sort of work to supplement their retirement check that won’t pay for housing.

The U.S. can focus again upon Russian encroachment on historically Russian lands as a threat to Europe and reason why their need be a new, queer military division to combat global warming with automatic, shoulder fired nuclear neutron bullets. The public debt will increase temporarily for a trillion or two a year until 2028 by which time the federal budget will be balanced and the 1% have converted their U.S. dollars to bitcoin- and all of that will happen by the end of 2021 or 2 at the same time as student loan debt is written off and college education becomes free.





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