Could a different President have avoided lockdowns

Trump’s swift response to halt flights incoming from China wasn’t followed up well by actions and leadership that would have defrapped the spread of the virus most effectively. The President lacked motivation, as do many others apparently, to combat biological war at a low level effectively. As a former NBC army trainee I believe the administration should have got hot suppressing the virus- that could be good practice for an actual biological war with an advanced genetically engineered vector.

Could the administration have acted so effectively that Covid 19 restrictions wouldn’t have been needed for so much time, or could any other U.S. politicians have taken charge and eliminated the virus in a few months- probably not. Politicians are promoted to their level of incompetence and aren’t selected for having state of the art intelligence concerning non-traditional economic, technical, environmental or scientific innovation.

While many citizens were concerned with protecting their fellow citizens against Covid 19 there were many others that did not and were as useless as dopey cattle at taking simple measures like wearing a mask. Personally I was disgusted with people going maskless when I enjoyed wearing full M.O.P.P gear at chemical war defense school and could put that on in a couple of minutes. President Trump was a farce of an example at mask prophylaxis. He probably did not want to be reelected…many of his voters from 2016 were aging boomers whom he seemed not to give a whit about.

America’s tardy and uninventive response to Covid 19 besides the manufacturers of the vaccines confirmed my suspicion that a lot of not too bright people live in this nation that are clueless about the meaning of life in general on this somewhat fragile planet and would not do anything to reconfigure economic structures or society that would inconvenience themselves as they use their infernal machines to get things done the easy way, repeat, expand, repeat… Biological war is possibly the most efficient way to kill healthy soldiers and others targeted by special weapons. The brain-dead dragging their feet at Covid 19 defense could themselves be the victims of a future incident that might be just as far away as some secret PhD’s basement laboratory. Biological war is not an obsolete fact- it is a future possibility that national defense needs to develop swift reactions to that would also allow the economy to continue to function- that criterion demands the capacity for walking and chewing gum simultaneously.

The people that manufactured masks at home contributed far more than the scoffers did for the nation to survive the virus. Those people seemed to believe that herd immunity was the way to go and let a million or two die would have suited them just fine. There are many people that increase knowledge with age and some middle aged people that are never more than vehicle driving, beer-drinking consumer-producers with a paycheck never thinking about global or national issues before they drop dead on their sofas. With national and planetary demographics being what they are that attitude will serve the principle of human survival better than lemmings racing toward oblivion. People really need to think and develop good political economy that maximizes human potential for everyone on Earth, as well as the ecosphere.





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