About Senator Romney’s Covid Stim opinion

Mitt Romney isn’t a bad guy, he is just rich and a little out of touch with the life experience of ordinary people and the poor- that sort of thing. During his Presidential campaign he said that half the people of the U.S.A. don’t want to work. Social disadvantage has an inertia that is hard to break sometimes. Society tends to be picky as well- people that are a little older or uncool may be unwelcome in the workplace. Once one gets out of the social average mainstream of the workplace there is a kind of antibody response that can react adversely to those seeking re-entry into the workplace.   Stimulus unemployment benefits should approximate those of individual employment pre-Covid though.

If employers had incentives to hire those out of work longest that might alleviate chronic unemployment. If free education continued through graduate school some people could develop meaningful careers instead of competing with illegal aliens for minimum wage jobs. If all Americans had some secure place to keep their stuff they would not need to repurchase basic items every time they are homeless and recover a little.

The income of C.E.O.s and top executives is vastly greater than it was in the mid-1970s while the average wage of working men as stagnated adjusted for inflation and hasn’t changed in nearly a half century. Capital increases faster than wages over history. Wealth concentrates and Senator Romney is a member of that capital-grows-faster-than-wages class making a farce of wages.

Even during the Covid 19 pandemic the capital and wealth of Wall Street has increased. Giving some Americans a little spending capital is nothing comparable to the wealth the Federal Reserve is giving the rich with continued near-zero interest loans (with one dollar on deposit a bank and loan out nine times more e-dollars (free money).

In actual fact a decent job without victimization in the workplace is far less work than being unemployed…one does not have a fantasy life where work is not necessary-except maybe for the rich who can live off their savings and capital. Real poverty creates real hardship and adversity physically and socially.





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