Government could use clever creative people too

I would like clever creative people to be in government sometimes instead of just the private sector that tends to pay much better. My thoughts on defense against biological war potential differ quite a bit from those of the government apparently, judging from the lack of interest expressed in defending against the possibility. One would need to have politicians that actually would change things to invest much time in making suggestions for change.

Actually I write quite a bit and it is mostly wasted as far as applications go in specific area. One may give away ideas yet they will be transformed into sludge. I would not have applied the term incompetent to President Trump myself as a general criticism. He was mostly irrelevant outside his interests- that is he was satisfied in getting his own interests done and unresponsive to other challenges. It is not my idea that Democrats are very competent in meeting modern challenges to the U.S.A.- quite the contrary. I know expect nothing substantive from them yet would like to be disappointed. Republicans alternatively are just interested in business profits and mostly are exteriorities to the challenges facing the nation, people and environment over the next decade.

Biological war prospects have advanced quite a bit since 2003 when there was a publication by a Colonel reviewing revolutions in military affairs (R.M.A.) He mentioned the number of fully sequenced virus genos then (about 500). I checked on that number this morning and it is more than 10,000. There is a pandoras box of genetic recombinant engineering and subtle modifications for the tool kit of bioweapons that is not in any way addressed competently. Protecting the public as an excuse for not letting the public be aware of the R.M.A. that has made biowar and culling of the population of the nation and/or the planet a real possibility is lame.

Human life on the planet needs new ecospherically conservative and restorative infrastructure that would allow humanity to cut its vector from ancient economic infrastructure with sustainability for the maximum population at the highest standard of living. A healthy and thriving ecosphere is part of the quality of life that makes living enjoyable. Infrastructure firewalls defrapping bioweapons mass culls would need to be part of that new ecological economic infrastructure.

There is a clever mini-electric train that shows the simplicity of modern science and technology that can serve as a for-example to be upscaled and applied with innovation that could help in making mass transit and personal transit a better synthesis in a rewilded ecosystem that requires just a little imagination.





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