Remarkable physics advance since Einstein

Sure; even Einstein’s cosmological constant that he set aside turned out to be apparently true with the expansion rate of the Universe. There may be not cosmological energy expanding things so much as space itself expanding, or some oddity related to the Higgs field that is itself a great discovery in physics.

One likes all of the discoveries in particle physics especially, and the insight that particles that are massless acquire energy when slowing down through the Higgs field as a third dimension is added to them.

Cosmology watchers have a wealth of discoveries since Einstein to consider, and the insights of relativity- general and special, are fundamental tools of philosophical thought as timeless as the spinning bucket thought experiment or the ideas of motion and volume of the pre-Socratic philosophers Parmenides and Heraclitus.

If time is an apparent phenomenon of the subluminal quanta of the Higgs, is the field itself atemporal, and how does that compare to an atemporal singularity at T=0? Ideas concerning quantum entanglement and ‘spooky action at a distance’, all possible worldlines and quantum jitters as analogues of infinite variable positions have been produced to provide new ways of regarding the field phenomena that is the Universe of appearance-for others.





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