Freaking on the left if Trump wins in 2024

The new normal of Democrat intifada for years with a storm of accusations and declarations that Trump voters are deplorable haters would follow re-election of Donald Trump in 2024. I believe it can’t happen because he revealed himself in his last year in office to be a true environmental troglodyte, and that loses support of intelligent voters after a while that sympathize otherwise with conservative court appointments, secure borders and a few more planks.

Democrats would in effect react like little kids that cover their ears and hum or sing very loud when a sibling is bothering them. They will invent falsehoods to disqualify. Grownups would call a riot and occupation something less than insurrection. Even the situation in Burma or Myanmar isn’t yet called an insurrection by the media. Those require an actual military plan, arms and personnel tantamount to an effective coup.

Each party has poison pills that make them unacceptable except to extremists, although these days the media tends to regard political opposition to Democrat planks as extremism. All of that works to concentrate wealth and enslave the populace.





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