Preparedness for weather events

Preparedness is next to cleanliness, or godliness, or being unprepared was it? Americans could be able to withstand future weather events with training. One will play in the big game as well as one has trained.

Like navy seals Americans could go for swims before dawn in as cold of water as they can find. They could build concrete dome homes able to withstand tornados, and if built on springs like the deep black room at Colorado Springs, they could endure earthquakes with a little dramamine.

Americans could develop hydroponic gardens indoors in geodesic greenhouses. They could recycle the water for the plants and warm their homes with Earth heating and cooling. The Earth is never cold except as compared to hot summer temperatures, and the deeper one goes the warmer it is. There are fundamentally no good reasons why an American using modern building methods from the eco-intelligent construction community would need to rely on the grid for climate survival- in fact doing so is a lazy, silly idea that unfortunately many cannot afford to break from as they are wage slaves to those sending trillions of zero or low interest loans to the rich so they can hide those e-dollars for-themselves to keep inflation down yet snap purchase a bargain overseas should one arise.

Americans should have alternate mass transit infrastructure projects to dampen the effects of shocks to the inefficient automobile transportation system that is reliant upon the grid for electrical charging or volatile, combustive fuel supplies that poison the air we breathe when jogging and a dirty truck blasts past.

American scientists could develop a better artificial fur for hats in case another terrible northerly drifts into the south freezing the southern way of life in its tracks. Northerners could develop better hyper-tube ground transport to the south in case -45 f becomes tiresome.

Americans could have a special water-bladder bag that would fit into a bathtub and safely store 40 gallons of water when there is a prospect for grid and transport system failure. That bag might have a drain release feature and a little bubble-wrap type insulation to keep it from freezing too easily.

In order to make America great again each household should have a pair of four-buckle galoshes that can transform sneakers into cold-weather boots. They should have a set of yellow and dark green sunglass lenses from the dollar store to be able to walk in blizzards or droughts without getting hit in the eye by snowflakes or too bright of sunlight or dust.





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