In reply to ‘would the U.S.A. be better off communist and what would the improvements be’

 A great question that deserves a poet’s answer. I can’t claim to be a poet- yet if I were living in a communist U.S.A. quite likely each book of poetry I wrote would generate tens of thousands of dollars of revenue. If one were on a different planet far, far away yet with a fine telescope and bugs able to surveil the Earth system the changes would be interesting to observe.

Maybe free enterprise would die and marvelous bureaucrats could appear with wisdom and leadership that would get all Americans to follow their condescending tweets. Twitter and Facebook could feature the President for life’s ideas and instead of a federal stimulus check the people could be given a little red book with the leader’s thoughts. Then they could become better servants of Chairman Moloch who is the head of Health and Human Services.

When one passes over beyond the great divide everything of the world is completely lost and as meaningless as if it never existed. When things on Earth are bad, that is good- a built in firewall against wickedness that even Shannon Entropy reversals would have a difficult time in defeating. Everyone in the communist utopia would have transceiver chips installed so they could continuously receive broadcast media condition for happiness and updates 24/7.





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