Governments aren’t useless even though the FSU supported the c.p.s.u. first and the USA the people first

A reductio ad absurdam (arguing for the opposite to show enfilade the remainder) would indicate that all right-minded citizens should revolt against the state- any state, and destroy it so far as possible as the most evil oppressor of humankind. There should be a perpetual revolution against social organizations that have the potential to become states. Individuals should war ceaselessly and never give up, fighting against the slings and arrows of statism to their last breath. In every hollow and every nook and cranny let anarchy reign.

States are primarily at the start shared culture and value. The Soviet Union failed because it killed off Lenin with poison most likely causing him to have three strokes and out so he could kill off about all of the original communist revolutionaries in keeping up with contemporary social Darwinism theory. Tremendous subsequent purges and mediocre bureaucratic led industrialization coupled with a repressive state authoritarianism helped keep the multicultural society together than eventual happily broke apart without the governor of tyranny. Atheists and Muslims tend to be an antipathetic cultural mix.

The United States had a common culture to start with and repressed minorities outside of the political system although liberating black slaves as soon as it became practical. Different cultures have tended to war upon each other. As the United States brought in more people they tended to merge into a common national culture- today made more challenging because of the technological advances that allow people to keep in touch with their home cultures. In a sense immigration into the United States has stopped, although people keep arriving, because they can talk to home on a cell phone or have live internet face-to-face chat.

The United States had the blessing of developing in a sparsely populated continent with vast natural resources while the Soviet Union developed in a more modern era closer to nations that would war on it because of its political system. China was a problem to the east- forever eyeballing the vast underpopulated regions of Siberia, and of course the Nazis and Germany to the west were always trying to bite off the Ukraine or take the entire country altogether.

In a sense virtually all of the free world of capitalism were locked in a planetary ideological cold and hot war against the Soviet Union. The decline of the F.S.U. and victory of Wall Street is res judicata, stare decisis and all that. The west and capitalism out-produced the Soviet Union and in time made better weapons with deficit spending.

It is somewhat difficult to say though that the Soviet Union ‘lost’ if its people actually were inclined to improve their standard of living with a move toward free market economics. After the death of the Dictator Joseph Stalin the aborted socialist experiment killed by Stalin was on a clock ticking down to the end of its existence in my opinion. It wasn’t an easy course yet one that the hearts and minds of the people themselves probably moved toward.





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