When a galactic republic or evil empire might happen

Maybe a galactic republic or alternatively, an evil empire, if it occurs someday will happen instantly through quantum computing shortcutting space-time barriers of three-dimensions to place tax collectors and bureaucrats at all-possible worldlines of locations with valuable materials within the galactic habitation zone.

Alternatively the galactic republic or alternatively, evil empire may have formed retroactively at some time in the distant past as the timeline of the present is happening within the four-dimensional space-time Universe and I suppose that theoretically if one disassociated 3-d mass from the subluminal entanglements of the Higgs field and could send the information via quantum computer mapping to a state of 2-dimensioal massless Higgs field existence then one might relocate the data when it is once more downloaded into quantum entanglement and three dimensions of mass, at a place in the past.

On Earth the present humans may destroy their ecosphere and themselves before they can destroy Mars or other planets very well as they plunder the natural resources available so the best hope may lie in the past or perhaps distant future if survivors find a way to detour around the global economic inertia of the present. Maybe there is a Tattler tabloid that has better information on the topic





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