Do governments need compelling reasons to censor

I believe governments tend to do what they want to do when they can get away with it. China for example has progressively rolled back Hong Kong’s political liberty giving it the coup de grace with the requirement that anyone running for office must be patriotic as defined, presumably by the CPC.Beijing backs plan to tighten control over Hong Kong’s electoral systemNational People’s Congress closes plenary session by approving changes that expand control of Beijing-friendly forces over Hong Kong’s political structure.

Governments are just social organizations, although Louis the XIV said L’etat c’est moi. Political organizations that really want something will cheat to get it, or whatever it takes. If suppressing free speech would help then they will repress free speech. What is compelling is defined sometimes by the organization with the compulsion.

If the coconut cream pie cooling down that looks so fine is compelling enough someone may bust their budget to afford a slice. Power isn’t much use to some unless it is employed to procure advantage and more power. It is comparable to big body gravity that often will not quit harassing less quantitative clumps of mass.

If the Communist Party of China is increasing in power along with the economy and it has Corporate Plutocrat Collusion to in it each may find it useful to repress political speech that would differ, dissent or diverge from their corporate and collective agenda. So one must hope they are or become at least God-fearing environmentally minded tyrants if nothing else.





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