Do Republicans have a solid female candidate for President in 2024?

 If the Republican party really wanted to win the next Presidential election they need to run a woman candidate. Plainly Joe Biden was elected on the skirt-tails of the female Kamala Harris. Tokenism is everything these days, so Republicans may be looking north to Lisa Murkowski to bail them out of the mess.

Serious debate about Ms Murkowski being a malaprop or malapropos candidate- or even the French malaprop meaning ‘messy’ could arise. Maybe there are better Republican females that would let Republican candidates ride the skirt-tails to retake the legislative branch, yet they need to get hot on finding one with a new and improved compassionate conservativism.

U.S. nationalism is the key-word to the middle and lower class Republicans concerned with jobs and morality being outsourced, chewed over and regurgitated back to them via Wal-mart and a plethora of management and CEO Values with godless Chinese communist atheism, abortion and everything besides homosexual marriage that seems to be a British import.

Americans apparently vote for skin, gender, jobs and pro or anti-perversion; a candidate that can check off three of four boxes generally should win. A Republican female concerned about morality, jobs and compassionate health care and basic income- even making environmentally positive noises- should be a shoe in to trounce old Joe in 2024.





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