Banned from Quora- deja vu of Obama admin era ban from Helium

“Quora Moderation banned you from Quora.Quora Moderation banned you from Quora for this reason:
Your account has been banned because it has been linked to multiple violations of Quora’s policies and guidelines. To learn more about our policies and guidelines, please visit:″

I was banned from another site- (that no longer exists) during the Obama administration though I was peer-rated in the top 5% of writers there. This ban is a kind of deja vous.

When I was banned from Quora recently I was allowed to appeal the decision, so I did and wrote… 
 “I am rather unhappy about being banned from Quora since I wrote nothing besides reasonable questions and answers. it seems like every time I begin earning money at one of these Boston-based internet sites I get banned. At the least stopping the partners program would have sufficed for you to keep the money. Since I wrote quite a few quality articles I wonder if they will be deleted or if Quora will continue to use them and exploit me as a writer to profit from the very quality answers. 
 Quora and other Boston-based leftist websites should not spring bans on writers like traps. It would be very simple to have some sort of an accurate scale that shows progress toward being banned in order to allow a writer to know how close he is and to copy his posts before he has no access to them.”
I discovered that Quora actually is based in Mountain View California

Noah (Quora)

Mar 23, 2021, 11:29 AM PDTHi Gary,

Thank you for writing regarding the ban on your account.

Quora believes that all members of the community should make an effort to contribute helpful content to the community and, ultimately, make the site a better resource for all.

The following are some of the reasons for which we will ban an account:

– They vandalize content on the site that is editable by everyone, including questions ( and answer summaries.
– They engage in one or more actions that violate the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy ( These actions may relate to questions, answers, or comments.
– They post a significant number of questions (, answers (, and/or comments that aren’t helpful.
– They repeatedly violate Quora policies ( and/or do not change their behavior after receiving a content warning.
– The account is linked to suspicious and/or malicious activity.

After reviewing your activity on Quora, we can confirm that your account was banned due to being linked to suspicious and/or malicious activity​.

Unfortunately, the ban on your account will not be overturned. This decision is final, and you will no longer be able to use Quora.

If there is anything else we can help you with, please let us know.


User Support

my reply

Garrison Clifford Gibson8:55 AM (3 minutes ago)
to Quora

Suspicious and malicious activity is quite a load of insulting, defamatory schlop. I will leave off with that. You should examine your own hateful and very biased toward the Democrat party activity before throwing stones at others doing their very best, and contributing their best material.
You did not answer my question about the very good articles I have posted the past several months; do you plan to exploit those for continuing profit and confiscate my earnings from the partner program too?
It would be helpful to have specific instances of what you regard as policy violations with specific material as soon as they occur so one may learn what it is that Quora hates and wants to repress. It would also be helpful to have a measure of how close to being banned one is before one is actually banned for it strikes out of the blue like a hateful bolt of lightening striking dead the account that a writer has worked so diligently on for several months.





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