Making voting simple again

 Besides paper votes and hanging chads the United States in its vast number of voting districts in different states has had some inconsistancies in getting honest vote tallies that leave out issues of ambiguity concerning the veracity of the vote. What can be done to realistically restore the vote to reliability.

In the modern era some sort of electronic and analogue vote technology probably will continue to be used. To assure that each voter is the true legally registered voter a face i.d. that can be electronically verified with a voter endorsement would need to go ahead. Once realID is ubiquitous through the 50 states automatic registration of voters of age should go ahead so a voter can vote with any other registration required.

When going in to vote the ID would be inserted in a machine that would issue a voters number that would go print on the eballot. The voter would get a receipt with his or her voter number on it to keep and check out on the internet at a web site listing every voter number that cast a vote. 

It would be hard to cast a fake vote, or to throw out a vote, misunderstand a vote or for any voter not to be able to vote..

Republicans should have to worry about fake votes and Democrats shouldn’t have trouble getting voters registered to to make it to vote.





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