German Catholic theologians demand homosexual marriage blessings from the Pope

 Catholic theologians of Germans are restive and critical about the Pope’s decision to reject blessing homosexual marriage. That shows how far the Catholic church has fallen from its glory days during the middle ages before it chose to fight with Protestant reformers like Martin Luther. Germany has had religious issues for a very long time.

The Bible is plain in condemning homosexuality and homosexual marriages and any theologian worth his salt has no trouble in seeing that. However a secularized Germany that is drowned in Darwinist evolution and technology with a long tradition of a state church- even to this day, may present a tough nut for the Catholic Church to find men willing to serve; hence they may attract more than their share of homosexuals to the priesthood that would like to be able to marry themselves to one another for fun and games while taking a break from the tough chores of theological contemplations.

German Catholic theologians are not alone in wishing to make a farce of the Catholic and Christian Church; Episcopalians have also selected the road to hell and offer support to Germans wishing to go on the broad road leading to destruction.

For traditional Christians with moderate beliefs the ongoing destruction of Christian values to confirm the church to secularized evolutionary values is concerning. In a social environment that has experience a loss of faith due to the rise of Darwinian natural philosophy the transformation or evolution of the Church to a non-spiritual and even anti-Christian reformation is a logical development. The church does have a secular, worldly city to inhabit while the heavenly city is a distant hope that is increasingly dim to the worldly.

With the ongoing loss of faith and development unto doom the Pope may need to look ahead to the future degradation of the Church as it moves toward pure ritualized secularism and ask himself if that is what he really wants. Perhaps it is time for him to consider a deep reformation of the Church so far that it reunites with conservative protestant churches in a priesthood of believers format- a new auxiliary church as it were, that allows full participation of confessing Christian in basic and timeless Christian values with priestly roles shared in small groups along structured liturgical lines that are rotated from week to week.

A Christian church in a modern and skeptical post-Darwinian world with universal literacy, democracy and a measure of egalitarianism should be realistic about supporting a church for people of actual faith that are participating because they believe and want to without concern for establishing a personal ecclesiastical career. That church for a priesthood of believers- every Christian is a priest Martin Luther wrote; should provide spiritual and secular reinforcement for the Christian life of people of faith. It shouldn’t be that difficult.

Here is a free book with some commentary concerning the secularized post-Darwinian challenge to the Church and apologetics.

It wasn’t every necessary for the great division between those that regard marriage as strictly heterosexual and those that believe it isn’t. If the homosexual crowd hadn’t desired social hegemony they could have pressed for the establishment of a new institution for homosexual couples or triples etc. and left marriage alone. They instead chose the way of social domination to force the world to conform to their new world order. They set the footing for protracted social conflict, and that didn’t do anyone any good.





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