Writers should be wary of corporate intel gathering sites

Writers should be careful contributing to corporate social media sites like Quora that may pay a little for contributing content. Corporate has very deep pockets and is networked on Wall Street. Appealing to the masses they can vacuum up content and information and use it to learn about American political sentiments. They can also censor writers and delete content, ban writers and/or content for violating corporate policy which can be interpreted of course many ways. If one is not politically to the left questions at Quora for example can be regarded as hostile or not sincere and evoke warnings and temporary bans.  A writer and question asker can work for hundreds of hours and not receive a penny in compensation and his copyright trail security put at risk. One morning one logs in to discover one is locked out and receives a hate e-mail describing all of the offenses one has committed on the corporate web site. How troubling it is to learn that one’s best writing is ‘vandalism’.

The more questions one asks at Quora the more comments One may get. I replied to at least make an evaluation on every comment and that consumes hours. One is paid (in theory) for asking questions rather than for writing essays and answers. My writing was viewed 11,500 times the last month and was increasing a few hundred each day.

Social media sites that decide to ban a writer usually confiscate unpaid earnings and may continue to profit from the questions and answers a writer has contributed, when the writer is gone. They also are like to dump numerous slanderous and false accusations about the writer in order to intimidate and to justify their extreme adverse action.

Corporations are not individuals, yet the law in some senses regards corporations as individuals; irresponsible ones that don’t need to suffer the consequences of their actions in some ways because they do not actually exist as living beings.  Corporations are collectives and exert tremendous corrupting social effects on the U.S.A. Some reform is wanted to reign in their transformative, non-democratic social governing power. Imagine if Olympic individual events like boxing or judo allowed collectives to compete against real individuals. Big collectives should not be free to smear individuals with a plethora of quasi-legal labels when they decide to kill a writer’s work after first inviting them to participate. The collective then acts as a big international info-terrorist agency calling to mind an old marching lyric; ‘a yellow bird with a yellow bill was sitting on my window sill, I lured it in with crumbs of bread and then I smashed its f’ing head’.

The United States was founded on principles of individual rights and freedoms rather than corporate or collective rights masquerading as individuals. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States is the justice most heavily invested in Wall Street collectives and casting vote for homosexual marriage- a corporate collectivist policy. Corporations are ending the era of America as a nation of strong individualism and rendering it unto global fascist collectivist entities. Corporations and corporate wealth buy and sell other ‘individuals’ (corporations) as it suits their purposes of acquiring wealth, political and financial power; they own the broadcast media and annihilate the value of U.S. citizenship with a surfeit of trans-national ‘business’. Corporations, unlike individuals, can be everywhere on Earth at the same time with a foot upon every continent and nation.

It would be very easy to write an algorithm that would enable a writer to know which content is not liked by the corporation and to put it on a list for corrections or removal, rather than to keep things hidden until the writer is suspended temporarily two or three times and then nuked. Social media sites soliciting writers to ‘partner’ as in the case at Quora and to share earnings may be taking the first step out the door to being banned- it is a god route to take to remove writers that would not otherwise be banned simply for writing essays from a right-of-center point of view (the social media sites tend to have a leftist-corporatist point of view and view criticism of corporation concentrating wealth very dimly. There can be no excuse for failing to write a proper algorithm that can sort, classify, hold, release and otherwise process individual questions and answers in a way that is fair and that prevents the need or opportunity for the corporate controller to suddenly detonate a writer’s work and ban him form the website. It is just the will of corporate to make demiurge, little gods of power of themselves working to rule the free publishing and politics of the people of the United States and planet.

I graduated from a computer programming and systems analysis course in 1981 so I know that it isn’t too difficult to write computer algorithms and sort materials posted into neat little files that would let a writer know what is troublesome to the corporate publisher and what isn’t. It takes a crude and crass will to power and control to attack and force through bans with justifications in the fine print and applied hermeneutics of the atheist priesthood of corporate policy dogma. They expect writers to be witless idiot minions that are as bland as Adolph Eichmann writing banal questions and bureaucratic, authoritative replies. I read Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s book ‘The Cancer Ward’ and it had a prologue transcript of his interview by the local Soviet censorship board. It is worth reading. The United States is evolving to be that kind of society spliced into the pig-dog of corporatism and The Brave New World. The most promotable are those amoral youth that regard use-truth as more truthful that objective facts in the belief that al truth and meaning is subjective.

Deep pockets and vast interconnected wealth mean that corporate media can be nothing more than shills for the rich so they can get any worthwhile thoughts from anyone so far as possible. It can mean that they can have a political check so basic as to know what sort of actions might be useful for manipulating stories and spinning political news to their own ends. In time politics in the United States outside of corporate control may simply perish and the will to power of corporate wealth will be complete.

Corporate power to censor or control and even repress individual writers has no limits these days. In several respects the United States has taken on some of the characteristics of the communist party of the former Soviet Union with the rich in the role of the elite of the C.P.U. They desired a one-party state and in the United States the corporate party is fulfilling that goal of dictatorship over the proletariat.

One of the useful tools of the U.S.A. as a reincarnation of the essence of the F.S.U. is Darwinian evolution ideology that has made it excusable to have purely secular morality and the downgrading and ridicule in some cases of people of faith in God. Science can provide information about the material universe, and humans may misinterpret the paradigmatic axis of the book of Genesis, yet all may fail to be able to comprehend that the Bible is the actual truth and is not in conflict with the natural order of the creation. Humans misunderstand cosmology and hermeneutics while pastors may have wrong creation and eschatological ideas to balance the anti-faith ideas pervasive with some in the community of physicists. Corporations and their minions can actually instill a spirit in exerting repressive evolutionary actions and controls to force humanity to accept their atheist world-view. The great benefit for the rich is that they can concentrate wealth and believe they are improving the social life of humanity by forcing secular worldview morality and social structure everyplace on Earth.

Homosexual ‘marriages’ are one of the most obvious evolution paradigm establishments forced recently upon the people of the United States by the Supreme Court of the United States. It is interesting that German theologians have criticized the Pope for failing to give blessings to homosexual marriages. For implementation of the new world order of homosexual and bi-sexual social hegemony and usurpation of existing family structures it is useful to have sympathizers rise to occupy social positions of authority including those of the church, and to downgrade traditionalists. With sympathetic authorities even the church can have its morality corrupted and secularized, much less the judiciary and other political offices. If the laity or the masses protest, they can be told to eat it for they are not expert and haven’t the graduate degrees and expertise that insiders with authoritative opinions have, in some cases because they couldn’t afford to do so.

Noah (Quora)

Mar 23, 2021, 11:29 AM PDT

Hi Gary,

Thank you for writing regarding the ban on your account.

Quora believes that all members of the community should make an effort to contribute helpful content to the community and, ultimately, make the site a better resource for all.

The following are some of the reasons for which we will ban an account:

– They vandalize content on the site that is editable by everyone, including questions (https://www.quora.com/What-is-Quoras-policy-on-vandalizing-questions) and answer summaries.

– They engage in one or more actions that violate the Be Nice, Be Respectful policy (https://www.quora.com/What-are-Quoras-two-key-policy-principles). These actions may relate to questions, answers, or comments.

– They post a significant number of questions (https://www.quora.com/What-kind-of-questions-on-Quora-arent-OK-What-is-Quoras-policy-on-question-deletion), answers (https://www.quora.com/Why-are-answers-and-reviews-on-Quora-collapsed), and/or comments that aren’t helpful.

– They repeatedly violate Quora policies (https://www.quora.com/What-are-major-policies-and-guidelines-on-Quora) and/or do not change their behavior after receiving a content warning.

– The account is linked to suspicious and/or malicious activity.

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Unfortunately, the ban on your account will not be overturned. This decision is final, and you will no longer be able to use Quora.

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Noah (Quora)

Mar 24, 2021, 2:50 PM PDT

Hello Gary,

Thank you for writing back.

Since your account has been banned for violating our policies and/or terms of service, any payouts that have not occurred yet will be canceled, and you will no longer be eligible to receive earnings for the Partner Program.

If you would like your content and profile to be permanently deleted, and personal data associated with your account removed from Quora’s databases, please reply to this message to confirm so our team can send you a deletion link that will initiate the deletion process.

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