Former CDC head says Covid 19 probably escaped Wuhan lab (and that indicates risks in bio modern bio-research)

 A former head of the Center for Disease control expressed the opinion that the Covid 19 virus escaped from a Wuhan lab that was researching various bat excrements nuggets for viral research. Regardless of the truth or falsehood of that vector of delivery there should not be antipathy toward the Chinese and American researchers that worked at the lab or the people of China nor that Chinese guy in Los Angeles who sells tacos to the hungry masses yearning for salsa and sweet and sour sauce on their hamburger. The virus should be viewed as a test of the planetary emergency response capacity toward lethal pathogens that may arise in the future given that their is a surfeit of research with new technology going on every continent of your basic Earth.

One day there will probably be instructions describing how to  build your own lethal pathogen distributed widely on the dark web under a special damp rock in a dank sub-basement someplace that will allow the second year biology student to assemble his own designer virus. It is just a matter of time until someone yields to the temptation one would think and a perennial ostrich outlook might not be the best response.





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