President Biden wants a reign of coercion era to start with the end of filibusters in the Senate

Ending the Senate filibuster rule that requires sixty votes to overcome would enable rule by a majority of one to be the new normal in the legislative branch, at least while the Senate is evenly divided and the VP casts the winning vote. It would start and era of increasing partisan division and end any semblance of concurrence is U.S. governance wherein laws are not really supposed to be made without a majority of the people through their elected representation going along with it. That is there should be something of a consensus in a general opinion about promulgating a new law instead of a slight advantage that can force onerous laws upon half of the nation.

Not surprisingly Senator Biden has expressed support for ending the filibuster rule.

That opinion is wrong and lacks an historical perspective without a sense of keeping the nation together rather than ripping it apart like some kind of gourmet pulled-pork.





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