The level four multiverse and Christian predestination

 Predestination is a difficult concept for many of the Christian faith. It implies that God has pre-determined the entire Universe and the role of people in it. Some in the secular have speculated that if the Universe is entirely deterministic no one is accountable for their actions- combined with rampant disbelief in God that is accompanied with a belief in the non-existence of objective moral laws made by the Creator. There is a good explanatory video on the concept of predestination by RC Sproul- a good theology instructor that explains the Christian point of view.

So I wanted to say that predestination seems almost necessary to me since God is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. The created Universe is comparable to a thought in the mind of God that he has had from start to finish and foreknows from eternity. In a way one might infer that the perfection of God has thought of everything that ever would be thought from eternity with Himself, for-himself. Others learn what glimpses of data God wills them to experience when that was in his design for whatever purpose He has and when the Holy Spirit and CEO Jesus Christ actualize.

There is a physical account of an entirely pre-determined multiverse. While I believe that every possible Universe that could ever exist in time already exists in the mind of God, the physicist Max Tegmark made a cosmological explanation of the way the Universe and multiverse may exist already actualized- every Universe that could possibly exist does exist already, fully from the beginning and end of its history.

I believe that concept may have originated with the late physicist Hugh Everett. Well, at any rate, Max Tegmark fully elucidated the multiverse and went into more complete description. I will post a video where Tegmark explains his concept of the multiverse. 

Tegmark also wrote a book titled The Mathematical Universe that is still quite a good read though a few years old. At the core he speculates the Universe and multiverse be actually be made of math, and that idea again is fine with me since God is a pretty good mathematician Himself I would think and math exists in mind rather than as physical objects.

The entire multiverse may be actualized from alpha to omega and it is just the minds of sentient beings that move through it switch with every thought to the appropriate location and universe. That sounds terribly complex and improbable perhaps, yet is may be that it actually is. The divine mechanics of God are likely to be more difficult to know for humans than quantum mechanics that are themselves challenging for non-scientists, non-physics majors ordinary folks.

Many people have difficulty juggling the idea of Christian determinism and physical determinism especially with the concept of quantum uncertainty thrown in, juxtaposed like a plank of space dimensions into time. The physical universe of energy, based on math or thought as a healthful pre-existing condition. One should enjoy it rather than wait for the ordinary authorities of education to be clued in to the point of making it doctrine.





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