Does the Eastern or Western New World Order have their oars in the water?

China and Iran recently signed a 25 agreement for cooperation with technology and economics. Russia and China have in recent years drawn closer together on economics and other works. Russia and Turkey have developed select military sales and cooperation. The relationships together seem to add up to being an informal international economic and military alliance in basic competition with the United States and whatever other nations are part of the western, N.A.T.O. and G-12 economic alliance.

The eastern alliance (I will call it that for lack of a better term easy to find) is a new world order politically speaking. The western new world order boiled down to being one dedicated to making the world homosexual and bisexually normalized and that in part reinforced the development of the counter-alliance.

The post-war new world order to the west was one of concentrated wealth and power gravitationally attracted to plutocrats reinforced by legions of minions from both major American parties, Europeans and others chasing after corporate jobs. The new world order of the west had accelerating micro-transistor gadgets driving networking, technology and economics. Atheism evolutionary doctrines reinforced the movement of traditional immorality toward the political center, yet extremism is difficult to make a new normal for natural reasons, and the effort unbalanced political sensibilities- a political rift energized in the west

The west’s judgment after-the-fact that winning the cold war meant that greed was o.k. dispensed with trying to build economic ties with Russia while it sanctioned Russian leaders for trying to keep lands that had been part of Russia from 250 to 1000 years part of Russia. Greed and the wish to put down Russian government resistance the homosexual agenda drove Russians to find alliance with China though carefully for China has long presented an implicit military threat of attacking and annexing the vast Siberian lands of the east. Russia, Turkey and Iran all tend towards substantial opposition to the western agenda of homosexuality, middle eastern policies including war while China is seeking to expand its sphere of influence in Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East, Pacific and elsewhere.

The unexpected new ad hic eastern alliance of course reminds one of Orwell’s novel 1984 with its interminable war between vast yet vague planetary states. One of the key differences is that the United States built up China’s economy, along with others, by investing there to produce items sent to the U.S.A. with a great markup to enrich Wall Street. China has become such an important part of the U.S. economy that it is too big to fail and can wield its economic power in forming planetary alliances with those countries the United State’s government policy has left to the tender mercies of international economics, sanctioned or ben at loggerheads with.

The Chinese-Iran 25-year partnerships seems to be a direct response to the Trump administration’s withdrawal from the Obama era arms control for cash agreement that gave a pathway to nuclear weapons development fructifying in 25 years. Maladroit U.S. policy that dropped the ball on developing good relations with post-Cold war Russia because of the comparative and short-sided lust for land in Ukraine, the Crimea and to exclude Russia from trade relations in Europe that would compete with American business coupled with the inability to return to good relations with Iran as swiftly as possible supported the rise of the present state of affairs that U.S. leadership isn’t likely to be able to quickly recognized, resolve in its favor or efficiently ignore. A policy of greed works against abstract thought and goals that are intelligent and just, necessary and utilitarian.

U.S. leadership isn’t too likely to reform its foreign or domestic policies enough to well keep the U.S.A. leading rather than following in the future. Concentrated wealth and loose border security, social media owned by the rich allowing free speech primarily only if it reinforces corporate power and an attitude that the U.S.A. does not make foreign policy errors prevails to arrest intelligent design of god policy formation. For some reason Ronald Regan got away with his goal of tearing down the wall and reducing nuclear weapons, yet subsequents have ditched the spirit of that part of Reagan policy except as it was the foundation for an expansion of greed.

A more powerful China and Iran in the Middle East does not mean that the incorrect hermeneutical work of eschatology that has Armageddon and Kittim is gathering strength. The post-millenniaist rather than the pre or amillennialist interpretation is correct; yet that does not preclude wars or planetary suicide through stupid international relations policies.

A more powerful China and Iran present more challenges to the Sunni kingdom and Sunni states from the Shi’a-Chinese Atheist axis that is somewhat ponderous. The U.S.A. is also working to alienate the Saudis presently because it hasn’t got female taxi drivers and its leader apparently order a journalist critic to be lured into the Turkish embassy, killed and hacked down into nice, easy-to-pack pieces. The King, sultan or whatever he is called may be sorry though he is recalcitrant about expressing his sorrow publicly.

Basically, the United States should establish a basic minimum income for its citizen of $10,000, secure its borders and allow zero illegal immigration and begin the graduation towards a 99% ecologically sustainable economic infrastructure and make political priorities that reinforce business with high eco-efficiency. As the world leader at sustainable economic the United States would have an alibi for existing at a higher standard of living than much of the rest of the world; it would help other nations to rise to a high standard of sustainable ecospheric compatible living.

The U.S.A. would need to have polices and laws that limit the size of corporations and the concentration of wealth in order to keep free enterprise and democracy vital. Patents would need to be limited to three years with 10% royalties to inventors after exclusivity expires to accelerate the infusion of technological change into economic actualization.

Corporations limited to 5000 workers would be free to make temporary relationships with other corporations to produce items that need more hands. No citizen could own shares of more than three corporations- economics need be about productivity rather than abstract financial skimming.

The United States should aggressively work to normalize relations with Russia and employ Reagan’s policy of constructive engagement that preceded the end of apartheid.

 To continue the adverse relations with Russia very long while continuing to enrich China and transfer technology to it will further weaken American standing in the world though it is flooded with illegal aliens providing cheap labor for Democrats

. Even if more women and minorities get government jobs at good pay with benefits and godless and immoral corporate policies make entertaining video, though there are select risks of war with the United States military becoming increasingly irrelevant with no one to fight with for political reasons. There is no guarantee that bad policy to destroy the environment will stop. There is no certainty that social security will not stop as one vote majorities decide to end the Roosevelt era program in order to afford to defeat the eastern alliance with 100 trillion dollars of public debt holding them back, or even that the dollar will not collapse because most of the money fled to bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies.

If the United States had fought the Cold War alone against Russia and China while heavily investing in the Chinese economy it might have fared better and wrapped up the conflict quicker- or is that idea the wrong one?

Hate crimes and race strife will help form the news cycle the next few years as may gun bans in order to buy more time for politicians to focus on concentrating wealth and making America a better airport for globalists while providing good jobs and housing for illegal arrivals; nothing like good distractions to help implement the new world order.





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