President Biden’s not solving his border crisis kid crowding, virus vectoring facility challenge quickly

 President Biden is apparently failing to adequately manage the surge of child captives arrested while illegal infiltrating to the U.S.A. from Mexico. The problem is not simply that his policy encouraged development of the crisis, it also exposes the children to risky airborne viral contact from being packed in too close in captivity.

Children are some of the worst virus vectors in the U.S.A. Schools are incubators for the flu and other diseases that spread like wildfire typically so packing kids in side by side for sleeping on a floor while in captivity is an especially egregious way to prepare to infect all those kids with whatever is going around, on release to ‘relatives’ in the U.S.A. they will take their viral contagions with them.

I had some experience with sleeping side by side on the floor at a homeless shelter in Anchorage one December a decade ago with several people that experienced frostbite. I caught the flu and then pneumonia that stayed with me for the better part of the next ten years providing residual symptomatic reminders that very, very slowly faded away. It was said that everybody catches something at the over-crowded shelter. Who knows what kind of exotic viruses exist in Central America from whence the kids have travelled; they all share it like rem among themselves in their corral before being sent infected to sites across the U.S.A.

Why the United States is so slow at innovating domestic solutions to problems in a timely way is a mystery to me. Although I don’t support illegal migration to the U.S.A. nor providing thousands of teenage girls to the tender mercies of San Diego, developing and implementing competent, compassionate conservative processing of migrants should be a fundamental skill of governance.





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